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Who doesn't like sweets or at least nobody somebody who can be bribed with them? The universal popularity of sweets and confectionery products is one of the reasons they have become amongst the most popular promotional items in recent years. With a wide popularity, cheap cost and with a huge range of styles available sourcing branded confectionery items is a certain way to maximise the impact of your promotional dollar.

There are a number of ways in which custom branded confectionery can be used to increase the attention consumers pay to your brand or any other marketing activity in which you choose to egage. Here are a few simple ideas which have proven to be successful over the years and which can turn your small investment into a business building activity.

A simple way to be remembered at sales calls and when trying to get the attention of a new business prospect is to offer promotional confectionery to the person at the point of contact. Particularly if the sweet on offer has a definite relevance to your company or the products you offer you can see the gift impact of the product combining with the cue it offers in the prospect's mind. BY leaving behind a small packet of lollies with your business card or catalogue attached you have significantly increased the likelihood of having your offer taken seriously and being called back by the person with whom you left the treats. Consider for a moment the cost to a company of putting a rep on the road and the itemised cost which accrues of every sales call or visit. Adding a couple of dollars for a much appreciated packed or branded lollies is a small price to pay for the likelihood of increasing the rate of reply by at least 20%.

Another way many canny marketers use custom branded confectionery is to entertain children while their parents are in discussion with the sales team. Say for instance you are a car yard looking to offer a range of models for sale over a specific weekend event. Parents will arrive to look over cars with their children and may be distracted by the need to supervise or attend to their kids rather than pay attention to the offer being made by employees of the dealership. By bribing the kids with some lollies they will be more quiet and self contained than would otherwise be the case and the parents will most likely look at you with a more favourable expression after seeing how generously you have treated their children.

A third simple way to utilise this range of promotional products is to use them as a quick and cheap "thank you" item which can be included in a delivery or in the envelope sent to clients which contains an invoice or request for payment. Research and anecdotal comments seem to confirm that people are far more likely to pay on time and be better disposed to receiving the invoice in the first place if there is a small packet or promotional confectionery included in the shipment. WHo doesn't love to get free lollies and particularly in the middle of a business day they can make all the difference between a dull hour in the office and a period packed with excitement where everyone vies to get their hands on some of the free confectionery which by your grace has arrived in the mail.

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