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Promotional Cooler Bags for The Aussie Summer

One of the real problems the average Australian faces is the heat of the Summer season and the difficulty it presents in avoiding the worst effects of the beating sun and drying winds. Promotional cooler bags are a simple and effective solution to this eternal problem and that's why they can work so well as a promotional device for most companies operating in this wide, sunburnt land.

Consider the traditional ways in which promotional merchandise is used in business development. First, a cooler bag can easily be used as a personal gift between business contacts. The fact that these soft sided insulated bags have the capacity to be folded and stored in a compact space is a genuine advantage over traditional hard moulded iceboxes and eskies. Cooler bags are generally composed of a heavy-duty woven nylon outer skin with a silver foil insulation inside the structure. Like an old fashioned space-blanket the metallic inner insulation reflects heat and ensures the cold media inside the bag are not adversely affected by the radiations of the sun or atmosphere. Anyone who receives a good quality cooler bag will be grateful and most likely it will find a valuable role in both business and recreational activity.

Another way a promotional cooler bag can be use successfully in business development is as a value-add product which bulks the value of a retail offer by adding a low-cost product with a higher perceived value. Say for instance you are promoting a new energy drink. A successful promotional strategy is to offer the market a six pack of the product supplied complete in a printed cooler bag which carries the brand's livery. The advantages of the promotional offer are manifold. First the apparent value of the package will encourage more people to take advantage of the value on offer. the second opportunity is that consumers holding an increased stock of the product are more likely to work their way through the trial period and come out the other side with a heightened perception of brand values. In other words, give them a six pack of the drink and watch them drink it over a few days and the likelihood of having a long-term customer is enhanced. The third advantage of this approach is that the consumer will for years to come be carrying about an insulate cooler bag which carries your brand information. Not only will this act as a means of enhancing consumer perceptions and recognition of the product it also acts as a personal endorsement by the bag carrier.

There are hundreds of different insulated cooler bag styles available. You can see the whole Fresh Promotions range, here. And remember, not only is this range available for promotional work, custom made models can be assembled to any design with multiple colour print branding and enhanced insulating properties.

So next time you feel the mercury rising in your office, don't retreat to the cool of an air conditioned back room. Take advantage of the atmospheric conditions and consider the value a cooler bag may add to your marketing activity.

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