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Promotional Microfiber Screen Cleaners Stick Around

These days most business is conducted via computer, tablet and mobile phone screens so the ability to use them without the vital information displayed being obscured by smudges and grime is both a matter of convenience and business efficiency. It can be dangerous to the integrity of a mobile phone or tablet and potentially damage their inner electronics using the traditional spray-on or liquid glass cleaners which are used around the home. That's why promotional microfibre screen cleaners are an ideal way to present your logo and company contact details to business contacts on a useful item which will be valued every business day.

While optical companies have for many years been supplying their high end spectacles complete with a cleaning cloth carrying on about the person is not something most people consider. UInstead we rely on the coarse fabric of the shirt sleeve or blouse to polish the screen before us in an attempt to remove the obfuscating fingerprints and grime. These techniques are partially successful but its only with a specially designed microfiber fabric that the screen will be completely free of grime and fingerprints.

While everyone would undoubtedly use a small cleaning cloth if it were at hand the reality is that the majority of us venture forth into the workaday world each morning without every possible accessory which could make the day more convenient. The advantage of promotional microfibre screen cloths is that they can be supplied in a format which naturally attaches to the back of the handheld device, whether it be phone or tablet so there is no additional thought required and the cleaning cloth is immediately at hand when required. Complete with a semi-tac adhesive which itself leaves no residue on the back of the phone promotional screen cleaning cloths are an all in one convenient solution to one of the most annoying aspects of the modern digitally connected world.

While the promotional microfibre cloth is a useful way in which to remind business contacts of your services and contact details once it's found its place on the back of an electronic device at the point of distribution the understated nature of this promotional idea can make it difficult for some people to remember to keep the item handy. For this reason promotional microfibre screen cleaners are generally supplied attached to a custom printed backing card which is itself sealed in a poybag. That way when you hand out the gift to your business contacts the larger scale of the entire item will make sure your message will be understood and the exact value and nature of the promotional item to which you have added your contact details will be understood.

Finally, consideration should be given to the exact message which is applied to the promotional microfibre cleaner itself. The limited space available suggest the best approach is to add contact details like mobile phone and web address. This also sits well with the position in which the screen cleaner is designed to sit. All things considered a smaller, stronger message is the ideal way to utilise the advertising space available on each item and this way you ensure that you also supply a final product which people will appreciate and be happy to include in their daily lives.

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