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Promotional Novelties Are the Name of the Game

Sometimes people in marketing forget that the best way to engage with their market is to entertain and amuse the target market. Too often people take the safe approach to promoting the company's goods and services which leads to a bland public appearance and a lower return on marketing investment than could otherwise be expected. This is why allocating some of your promotional budget to promotional novelties is a great idea. As the name suggests novelties are a broad range of promotional products which are traditionally cheap and engaging an which provide entertainment and amusement value to the recipients. It's not hard to see how this sort of emotional engagement can be a powerful marketing motivator, however the real issue comes down to choosing the right products and ensuring they are likely to contribute positively to the overall marketing objectives of your organisation. You can see the complete range of promotional novelty products available right, here.

A great way to keep people onside is to reward and entertain their children. This is one of the fields in which promotional novelties really standout as many of the cheap and cheerful products available are ideal for handing out to kids to keep them entertained at a sponsorship or outdoor event. This has the doubly effective result of keeping the kids entertained while the parents can be engaged by sales staff. Car dealers and real estate agents are particularly fond of this form of promotional marketing and many keep a ready supply of promotional novelties on hand. If the kids are bored and nagging their parents, distracting them from absorbing the sales advice of your staff what better way to keep them quiet and interested than by giving them a small promotional novelty product to play with like the balsa wood gliders you can see, here. Not only will the kids leave the grown ups alone to talk business but you will have the ancillary benefit that the parents look more favourably upon you for rewarding and considering their kids.

Part of all marketing is having the judgement to match a product or marketing activity with your company's products or services. The same applies naturally to choosing the right promotional novelties for your next marketing activity. It's all about showing a little imagination and thinking outside the square. For instance you wouldn't give away promotional boomerangs like you can see, here if you were conducting an indoor event. It could obviously lead to chaos as they went flying in all directions. And say if you are part of an education institution handing out a puzzle or similar brain teaser would be a great idea as it naturally matches the imagery you are trying to present in your broader marketing efforts. As always in marketing it's a matter of judgement.

Next time you are assessing your promotional budgets consider putting aside a small proportion of the available funds to promotional novelties. You never know when they might come in handy and every company needs to have a lighter side. Too often major organisations err towards excessive caution in the way they promote themselves to the public and on occasion engaging in a little fun and frivolity can brighten everyones' day.

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