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Promotional Number Plate Frames Are Not Just for Car Dealers

It's a common thing for car dealers to do - add a custom number plate frame to surround the numberplate on a new vehicle they deliver, making sure the frame carries their contact details and logo. Think about it, is there a better way to promote your company at low cost. How many people will be sitting behind that car in traffic over its years of service and how many of them will take the time to notice the details of the company which delivered the car in the first place. It seems if you are selling cars that this is an ideal way to market your services, however the usefulness of promotional number plate frames as a marketing device extends far beyond the automotive industry.

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Any company which relies on broad consumer appeal or offers products which are of interest to the general public can potentially benefit from ordering custom numberplate frames. Say for instance you are a small accounting firm and specialise in tax returns for the middle market of middle income wage and salary earners. Think about the fact the great majority of people who are sitting in the traffic every morning on their way to work will have a need for your services. It would be that the simple expedient of adding a humble plastic frame round your numberplate could bring in business worth many hundreds of times the cost of buying the numberplate frames in the first place. While it's not possible to quantify in advance the level of return that the promotional investment may generate the fact is that a web of promotional activity needs to be spun to catch the available enquiries and business opportunities in your industry and it's likely that something as simple as the humble numberplate frame may generate worthwhile attention for your brand.

As always with promotional products marketing the requirements for success go beyond simply attaching the numberplate frame to any old vehicle and hoping for the best. As always it makes sense to take a little time to tailor the message you plan to add to your promotional products as a way of enhancing the value of your promotional products investment. Consider for instance if you were to come up with a clever slogan or tag line which took advantage of the position of the frames or even played off their function. People are mentally disengaged a lot of the time they are driving or sitting in traffic so if you are able to engage them emotionally while their minds are drifting so much the better for your marketing efforts.

Promotional marketing is often about making small gains over an extended period of time and the idea of investing in promotional numberplate frames suits this thinking exactly. you never know when a phone call will come through from somebody who has spotted your contact details on the back of a vehicle, and this describes much promotional and marketing activity in which every company engages. One thing is for sure, however, and that it in terms of visibility and vale for money there are few better investments you can make in your brand than promotional number plate frames.

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