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Even in these days of electronic communications some of the stationery classics of the past are still useful in a modern office. One of the most useful is the classic post it note, or sticky note which allows you to produce short reminders for work colleagues and post them in a position which ensures they will be read. because a sticky note can be attached to a computer screen, phone or the keyboard of a computer they are highly unlikely top be missed by the intended recipient. So when you add your logo to a standard sticky note pad you have a product which not only has high utility value but by design is guaranteed to present your logo to those nearby in a way in which it cannot be missed.

While Post It notes are a product produced by the 3M corporation sticky notes are a generic version of the same idea. Most of the promotional adhesive note pads which are purchased are generic, that is they are technically sticky notes, however to the untrained eye there is almost no difference. It is also possible to get the original 3M product with custom logo branding though not surprisingly this option is more expensive and more difficult to obtain than the customised generic version.

If your company is looking for a simple office product which has great inherent value and which is appreciate by the majority of office workers it's hard to go past the promotional sticky note pads. There are many reasons to consider this option when making your next promotional purchase. First and foremost is the low relative cost of these items which makes it possible for your company to make a bulk purchase and hand them out to both staff and outside business contacts They have a practical purpose in your own office which makes any investment in custom printed sticky notes a sensible decision. As these products are custom manufactured to your design it's also possible to have them die-cut to the shape of your choice. Think about how impactful a sticky note will be which is not only placed in a highly visible area, but is also die cut to the shape of your logo or favourite product. It will be almost impossible to miss and for the subconscious to immediately make a connection between the gift, your business and the products or services you offer the market.

The whole post it note/sticky note concept has resulted in not just the humble note[ads which see in most offices around the world but a range of related products which all use the same simple yet effective adhesive light-tac idea. Other product like post it flags have also hit the market and have many uses beyond the basic bookmarking they provide users. For students and educational facilities these post it note flags are a great way to make their educational offers more widely known while for the users of the product their effective and foolproof ability to mark the important pages or a text book or complex business document ensures that the right information is always available at the right time.

If your company is considering investing in an office stationery product you should consider promotional sticky note pads before most other options. Not only can your order be sent out to clients as a cheap yet effective business gift but they can also be used by your own staff as an everyday part of their routine. High visibility and low cost per unit make post it notes an option no company should ignore.

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