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While all fans of promotional products are well aware of the way in which they infiltrate the office workspace the fact that promotional merchandise is also a perfect medium for getting your message into a domestic situation is not so well known. Obviously this is important news for companies which supply domestically orientated product lines and services but more that that even for those who concentrate on supplying business with their services and supplies the fact that a promotional message stays around the house and often achieves a high level of usage is something which every marketer should consider when next making the decision on how to divide the available marketing budget.

Consider for instance if the effect of influencing decisions by buyers is necessarily more powerful when the message is installed in a standard business environment. Traditionally marketers divide the domestic and business words into two distinct audiences but the recent revelation that promotional merchandise carrying custom branding has influence regardless of its location is reason to consider the domestic market as one where a business promotional message can be placed effectively. For instance it is likely that the clutter of messages in the home is less than one would expect in a business environment so the likelihood of cut-through and visibility being enhanced in the domestic environment is greatly increased.

The real trick to getting this type of promotional marketing right is making sure the message you propose to offer is suitably designed to take account of the location in which it will be viewed. Making reference to the fact that your are hoping your promotional gift makes it into a domestic situation yet influences their buying decisions in the office is the most effective way to approach this message development. Consider for instance the fact that children and spouses are also involved so something which gives the appearance of your offering something of value to your nearest and dearest is an effective way to emotionally engage with a likely buyer. This indirect approach is something which marketers effectively use in many market segments and there is no reason to believe that the interest consumers have in their own family's wellbeing is not a major motivating factor in all of their business life. After all this is most likely the reason a breadwinner leaves the home every day, to accumulate money which can be used in sustaining their family.

The fact that 91% of homes have a branded promotional item in their kitchen which can be connected with a recognisable brand is all the reason you need to consider a giveaway based on product categories which fit these consumer needs. When you also add the over 50% of business contacts which take home with them a branded gift their receive through business channels which then resides in the living room of their house, you understand the connection the right promotional gear can create with a client's family.

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