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Winter Promotional Activity

In the last week the Winter solstice has passed and besides the usual new age response to the latest position of the Earth's orbit crafty marketers are looking into those items and ideas which generate the greatest seasonal response. Promotional activity does not take place in a vacuum and the details of daily life form a backdrop for all promotional communication which can either enhance or detract from an organisation's efforts to extend its profitability and market share.

Now that we have passed the shortest day of the year and every day for the rest of the year will become progressively longer it's a good time to assess the period ahead and how the particular attributes of the Winder and early Spring seasons will affect the behaviour of consumers. In promotional product terms the may to assess the situation is to consider the behaviours in which consumers will most likely partake and what congruencies exist between these and the products or services which the organisation seeks to offer to the market.

Now that we are in the depths of Winter there are standard products which will influence the market and create positive associations with any brand. Consider for instance one of the classic items for this time of the year, promotional lip balms (see the range here). Lip balm is an item which has all-round use, either for moisturising and protecting lips during the Summer months, or preventing them from chaffing and cracking in the colder times. No doubt at all, however that the attributes of the custom branded lip balm are many and that ll of them feed into enhancing perceptions and attitudes towards the brand of those handing them out to clients.

During the colder times people are inclined to spend more times indoors and at home. Other than the major team sports events there is less available for entertainment than there is in the warmer times so promotional items which have uses in these situations or enhance the otherwise more sedentary times of year provide an opportunity to expand promotional engagement. Classic clothing items like promotional jackets are also a great promotional idea for the colder times of years. Obviously presenting a member of the public or business associate with a branded jacket which provides protection from the worst of the Winter weather is a way to both have your logo seen more widely and to create a connection with the individual recipient. As part of a sponsorship of a sports team or in conjunction with a major sporting event over the colder times a jacket is an item which has great visibility and genuine practical value.

These days the marketing world is more difficult to navigate than every before so it makes sense that all promotional product campaigns should engage with the disparate elements of the overall brand promotion of any organisation. First and foremost in making your offering to the market relevant is ensuring it is in the right place, and that the background and settings of the offer contribute to its apparent value. The weather is with us every day and is one of the major motivators of our behaviour. Before engaging in any promotional marketing activity the best course is to make sure the time and place are right.

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