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Promotional Products Increase Conversion Rates

One of the main concerns in the world of marketing is the conversion rate of direct advertising and promotions that is what percentage of people who hear the message and are exposed to an offer ultimately decide to proceed and purchase or engage with the organisation making the offer to the market. A small percentage increase in engagement and conversion can make the difference between a program being a success and a failure so anything which can move the lever a small amount is a tool which marketers would normally grab with relish. It says much about the way in which modern marketers view promotional products that so few engage with this style of marketing even though recently released research from the USA confirms that increases of as much as 50% can be achieved in sales conversion once a promotional merchandise item is added to the messaging mix.

The PPAI research which is referenced above confirmed that those people who were sitting on the fence regarding a potential sales could be pushed towards commitment by giving them the right promotional product. Of people who were aware of the advertising offerings of a company 55% had already done business with the advertiser. This figure skyrocketed to 80% when a promotional product was added to the messaging mix. Consider this level of improvement in conversion and how it could benefit your company. If you have been spending up big time on general media advertising and have a well connected market of potential consumers out there it may be that simply offering the right promotional product to the right potential segment of consumers will push them towards action.

Many companies over many years have spent millions of dollars on general advertising. There is a large base of consumers out there who are well aware of the company and the products it offers but have never been motivated enough by the general message to which they have been exposed to actually call or walk into a shop and purchase. In many ways this could be seen as a great untapped resource in the market place which it seems the right promotional product could potentially unleash. If your company is in this category of marketing organisations and you have a high level of consumer awareness in segments which are not converting it seems that offering the right promotional product to these people by some clever means of distribution could be the best way in which you can return some of the advertising expenditure of the past back to your present day bottom line.

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