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Promotional Shoelaces Keep Things Together

Sometimes it's the simplest promotional ideas which have the biggest effect and often the power they possess in the market place is only visible when the full effect of their distribution can be observed. One such product is promotional shoe laces which seem like nothing but a minor addition to the exterior visibility of an individual. The reality is that they are a very prominent piece of promotional branding which when used the right way have a number of advantageous features which will see your gift much appreciated and widely used.

Say for instance you're hosting an outdoor event which involved walking or running. A "fun run" or a walkathon for a specific charity or community group objective. Handing our custom printed shoelaces is one of the best ways to offer a relevant product to participants which also can become a strong branding statement. Imagine if you will a few thousand people gathered together on a misty Sunday morning, each of whom is sporting brightly coloured custom shoelaces which carry the branding of the event including the relevant colours. Imagine the effect of seeing that many shoes, each with the right branding in place as they are walked down the street by their wearers. It's hard to think of a better way to engage everyone present at the same low unit cost.

Another opportunity which promotional shoelaces present is the opportunity to revive the fashionability of an older pair of runners or snealers. A new pair of shoelaces might only cost a couple of dollars but they can revive the attraction of a far more valuable well worn pair of shoes. Offering a promotional gift which has this characteristic is reason enough for people to take your marketing offerings more seriously.

Many marketers aim to reach the attention of children or their parents and find that some of the traditional ways in which this has been achieved can have negative repercussions on their brands. Many people these days are against the idea of bribing kids with lollies or disposable plastic toys while a pair of custom printed shoelaces has many positive connotations connected with them. They are encouraging exercise and help the family by revitalising an expensive pair of running shoes as described above. In short a colourful and attractively branded pair of shoelaces is a marketing idea which both children and parents will appreciate.

Because shoelaces are available in a wide range of colours and configurations it's possible to offer your clients or club members a range of colours which means individual tastes can still be catered for while producing a product which has the overall effect of highlighting a specific message or event. To learn more about the complete range of promotional shoelaces available see the products visible, here. Or for more specific information on our custom design and manufacture service call Fresh Promotions right now on 1800 129 999 to speak with a shoelace expert.

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