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Promotional Umbrellas for the Change of Seasons

While Australia is not known as the "wide brown land" for nothing there is no doubt we get our fair share of rainfall even if it comes at inconvenient times and and in the wrong places. Because of this unpredictability many marketers are of the opinion that investing in promotional umbrellas which carry their company logo is inadvisable and that available promotions funds should be channelled into a more reliable area of brand enhancing activity. However, it is a well known characteristic of human psychology that those who plan for the unexpected are rewarded emotionally, and like a pedestrian caught in a sudden downpour, those who are able to provide comfort by way of a custom branded umbrella can enjoy potential thanks and gratitude far beyond the value of the service they provide.

While Australia has a reputation as a hot, dry and desert-like continent the reality is that there is plenty of rain, the problem is that much of it falls in the wrong place at the wrong time. So when you are considering buying promotional umbrellas remember that some time in the future there will be a need for them, as like the weather and the rainfall patterns themselves it is impossible to predict exactly how or when. In fact it could be argued that the less likely the event, the greater the shock when it eventually happens and thus your gift of a custom printed umbrella to clients and staff could be seen as particularly prescient in inverse proportion to the likelihood of the event.

Besides the fact they protect from the wind and rain promotional umbrellas have a number of brand related advantages which are not as apparent in other classes of promotional merchandise. Consider for instance the fact that an umbrella is hard to miss on the street. The large size, the colourful designs and the elevated position they hold when in use are all reasons to apply your printed logo to them. When you also consider that the available branding area on a custom umbrella is potentially the same as seen on a t shirt or a large shopping bag you start to understand the brand visibility advantages which flow from applying your logo to one of these proven merchandise partners.

For many companies, such as the those in the hospitality business, care and concern for the wellbeing of clients is at the forefront of the service they provide. This is why many of these organisations insist on buying promotional umbrellas which both protect their clients and serve the values of their brand. It's not just a cliche that the doorman at a hotel will run out into the rain to greet new arrivals clutching an umbrella which carries the hotel brand. What better way to introduce the staff and encourage a good first impression of the establishment than to meet people at the door with a protective device which also makes them aware of the name and reputation of the establishment they are frequenting.

Custom branded umbrellas have many uses, and despite the ideas of many people that Australia is a dry and barren place, better suited to the use of sunscreen than umbrellas, the canny marketer realises that the right branded umbrella will also perform this task. As a shelter from the sun or the rain there is certainly a place in the marketing arsenal of all Australian companies for umbrellas.

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