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Promotional Water for the Sunburnt Country

Whether you're running a sales event, sponsoring a sports team or just planning to keep your staff hydrated promotional water is a must have product. These days most people prefer to drink water over traditional soft drinks, mineral water and fruit juice as it's low calorie, one size fits all nature makes promotional water the ideal way to hydrate guests and clients at events or in the office. As most people these days would provide a commercially available custom branded sprint water or purified H20 why not, for the same price, offer bottled water which has your company logo on the label and which displays your company colours and contact details?

While there are a lot of people who believe bottled water is a negative for the world in general the reality is that if people were not drinking water they would be drinking something less healthy which had significant ramifications for the ecology of the planet. Promotional water is a reality these days and the fact that it can provide an effective and efficient way to hydrate large numbers of people makes it a necessity in this age of global warming. As the PET from which the bottles are made is recyclable and can be compressed to a small space promotional water has only a minimal environmental impact and most likely the bottles are easily collected and sent off for recycling so the PET bottles are not likely to contribute to the general level of waste and litter seen by the side of the road or on the streets.

Promotional water is available in a number of sizes all of which has a particular application. The usual sized bottles is 600mm which matches the size which is most popular at retail. If you're handing these bottles out at an outdoor event or other activity people who have specially designed pockets on the side of their backpacks and bags the 600ml promotional water bottles will certainly fit into these compartments. 250ml smaller bottles are also available which are good for quenching instant thirst say when you are entertaining prospective clients at the signing of a contract or a sales event. other than these two smaller water bottle sizes promotional water is also available in a 1.5 litre pack which is great for bulk distribution and topping up everyone's cup. Printed plastic cups which are an ideal match for the larger promotional water bottles are also available.

If your company is looking for an all-round promotional idea which can be used in a range of circumstances, it's hard to go past promotional water. Printed with a full colour digital label you can add anything you like to the label design, just your logo and corporate colours of you can use the promotional water as a way to promote a specific offer or product innovation. While people need to be hydrated in this hot, dry souther continent there will always be a need for bottled water. And if your company already purchases filtered watr of bottled water which is used by the staff why not create an all new level of excitement by offering promotional water to staff and visitors, enhancing their awareness and involvement with the brand.

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