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Protect Your Brand with Promotional Sunscreen

In the great Australian outdoors no greater threat exists than the perpetual effect of UV rays upon pale skin. Over many years the government has warned us of the dangers of the sun and these days many people are prone to avoid direct exposure to the emanations of the sun due to the deleterious health effects. If your company is involved in any way in Summer activity, has sponsorships which involve Summer sports or have staff members who must brave the grave dangers of UV rays it's likely that promotional sunscreen has a useful place in your magazine of marketing weapons.

Depending on how your company plans to use this sun protective technology there is a wide range of different pack styles available all offering the 30+ FSP maximum protection available under Australian law. To see the whole range you can check the Fresh promotions sunscreen category page, here.

Consider for instance if your company is involved in mining or mining services as many successful companies are in this country. It's essential that staff members will need to engage in major activity under the sun and as an obligation to those under your employ and by HR law in Australia their health must be considered in supplying their equipment and work schedules. Custom sunscreen which carries a brand is not only seen as an essential tool of the work day it is clear to those supplied with the product that the management of their company cares about their wellbeing. So you can comply with the law and create a favourable impression with staff all in one simple gesture.

Consider the possibility that your company has spent a lot of money tying your brand to a Summer sports sponsorship package. This could be anything as big as involvement with a national sports team through to providing financial and administrative support to the local under-aged cricket team. The reality is sponsorships of organisations and events are not necessarily ways in which a return on investment can be immediately generated. The name of the game when it comes to major sponsorships is slow development of brand reputation and exposure. It's important therefore for smaller marketing companies to get the most that they can in terms of short-term revenue generation from any investment made in community programs.

That's why a product like promotional sunscreen could be a way in which you can generate an almost immediate return on your investment in sponsorship. By adding a promotional message to the tube of sunscreen you source and making sure it ends up in the hands of supporters of the team you are speaking to a potentially captive market who understand your commitment to the team and may likely engage with your company as a result.

In Australia a consideration of the environment in which we live is an important factor in matching your promotional activity to the needs and activities of the market. There is no doubt that custom printed sunscreen tubes, sachets and bottles are product styles which have multiple uses during and outside business hours which is a certain guide to the all-round ability to generate positive attention for your company.

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