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Promotional Socks Put Your Best Foot Forward

Socks are a clothing item which are neither glamorous or regularly in the news ,yet they are perhaps the clothing item which is most regularly worn and which provide comfort, warmth and security beyond that provided by other items which may be more fashion orientated.

So it makes a lot of sense for promotional marketers to be looking at the opportunities which promotional socks may provide their organisations.

Everyone has fumbled about in the morning looking for a matching pair of socks which will provide them with the comfort they need through the day. While many business socks are non-descript and hidden under layers of external clothing they are none-the-less important clothing items for the wearers. The personal relationship you can build with the recipients of promotional socks are evident in thinking about the way in which people utilise suck garments and how they become a part of everyday life.

But it goes beyond simple business socks which can be personalised. Sports socks in a variety of styles are also available and can be produced in either cotton or polyester/cotton mixes depending on budget and the final use of the branded product. To see the complete range of promotional sock styles available check the category page, here.

Like socks you buy at the shop there are a range of price points and styles available which make sure that in the same way everyone needs socks as part of their clothing necessities there are a range of products which can be utilised depending on the activities of the day. For instance there are basic dark business socks which can be manufactured but there are also lightweight sports socks which can be used for jogging, walking or cycling. If your company is wanting to encourage its staff to get fitter and engage in a company backed fitness campaign a pair of promotional socks carrying the message which is being promoted to staff could be a a great way to engage and reemphasise the promotional message.

Consider also how the branding of the socks can be achieved. In cheaper models it is possible to just print directly onto an off-the-shelf pair of socks. This is usually completed in a single colour and can be positioned in a range of places on the external surface of each of the pair. The ink used is a special rubberised or flexible concoction which allows the advertising message you have had added to each sock to flex and stretch with normal use without breaking down the visible message.

The more upscale way in which to complete promotional sock branding is to actually manufacture the socks from scratch with the message and imagery of the campaign woven into the structure of the sock itself. This results in a classier final product which also carries the logo in the right manner for a longer period. For the couple of extra dollars this can cost it is well worth considering in terms of the increased longevity and higher mid-term quality which is apparent to anyone owning a pair.

So next time you venture forth into the glamorous world of promotional advertising look to the smaller details for a potential return on investment which outstrips the grand gestures. The nice, comfortable pair of socks could keep delivering your message for years to come.

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