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Brushed Stainless Steel Bottle

Stainless Steel Bottles Stand The Test of Time

Getting the maximum value for money from your promotional merchandise order is one of the most important considerations in choosing branded products for your company. While something cheap and cheerful can have an immediate impact which fades quickly with time if longevity is a consideration in calculating return on promotional investment products which have a longer usable life must be considered based on the length of their life. Indeed, some would say that a product which lasts longer has a greater chance of forming an attachment with its owner and so making the value of your gift exponentially greater with time.

A promotional product style which falls into the class of a long-term offering is promotional stainless steel bottles. While cheap plastic bottles are everywhere and have some branding advantages a stainless steel bottle can last a life time while also presenting as a premium offering during its usable life. Traditionally metal drink bottles have been products used by industrial organisations, or extreme campers and outdoors people as a robust and long lasting water carrying option. So it makes sense to replace the traditional plastic bottle with a longer-lasting stainless steel option.

You can see a great range of promotional stainless steel bottles, here.

The best way to brand a stainless steel bottle is to apply laser engraving. Not only does laser engraving look subtle and match the overall metal appearance of the bottle but it also lasts a long time, so no matter how long the bottle finds a use your logo will be visible. While it's also possible to apply a screen print to a bottle to produce a larger, more prominent piece of branding the likelihood that it will be scratched or defaced in some way is also higher than using laser engraving. It often depends on the logo which is being applied and final purpose of the promotional gift but either way the best option is to ask one of our promotional experts if your are looking into ordering stainless drink bottles as a promotional tool.

So remember when you are considering ordering a promo drink bottle that it's not simply a matter of which is the cheapest to buy and brand up-front. There is also another axis to consider, time, and a bottle which has a long active life amortises its cost over an extended period can bring its actual cost per impact or positive impression down below a cheaper alternative. And at the end of the day do you want your brand associated with something cheap and cheerful or strong and dependable?

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