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Sunglasses For Outdoor Events

Visitors to Australia, when stepping off the plane for the first time comment on the effect of the clear, brilliant sunshine which many people believe to be unlike anywhere else on earth. The effect of the great Aussie outdoors is not only felt by visitors to the country so offering your clients and staff promo items like promotional sunglasses is a great way to both protect and enhance their lives. See our range of sunglass styles, here.

In recent years there have been many cases of poor quality sunglasses which do not meet Australian standards being sold in this country. the danger these items cause is that by shielding the eye from incoming light the pupil will naturally dilate. If the lens being used is not properly rated against UV the result can actually be damage to the retina. Naturally the pupils in our eyes would constrict to stop the inflow of harmful UV however this is not possible when a dark lens filters the incoming rays of the sun. 

There are a multitude of ways in which sunglasses can be used effectively in promotional marketing. If your company is sponsoring an outdoor event or is involved with a sports sponsorship the idea of handing out branded sunglasses in team colours would be very popular with spectators and supporters. You'd also be surprised how effective in terms of visibility it would be to have a group of people together all wearing the same eyewear. The other great advantage is that a well worn pair of sunglasses can become the regular companion of the recipient so beyond the event at which your sunglass offering features people will continue to wear and carry them expanding the exposure of your brand and the emotional attachment to your organisation which grows with familiarity.

For kids also promo sunglasses are very popular and the various novelty styles which are available also add to the fun and emotional impact possible using these items as marketing merchandise. Combined with a bucket hat or other similar clothing item you have a gift which will be used until its is worn out or lost and for which both parents and kids will be grateful.

if your company is involved in sports sponsorships or outdoor events, concerts, food fairs, markets and alike a sunglass gift with the correct coloured frame and the appropriate branding on the arms of the glasses is a sure-fire way to entertain and amuse while providing a highly relevant product. Make sure your source a style which people will actually want to wear and that the lenses are of sufficient quality to do the job for which they were designed. As always, if you need help, call Fresh promotions and speak with one of our sunglass experts about the style and price point which will suit your project.

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