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The Popularity of Promotional Clothing

Without doubt the single largest category of promotional material is promotional clothing with thousands of different styles and colour options available. From simple garments like printed tee shirts through to high end jackets and presentation garments the advantages of branded clothing are manifold as evidenced by the high level of uptake and repeat ordering which applies to this market segment.

Take for instance something as simple as putting together a casual uniform for your business. The traditional business attire which has worked for so long to create a sense of formality in the office is something some businesses shy away from these days. Using something as simple as a custom polo shirt (see range, here) is a great way to create a casual yet attractive garment collection for staff which is easy to maintain and iron while creating a team atmosphere as everyone wears the same clothing.

Traditional business shirts also have an advantage in presenting a formal look which is of great advantage for those people who are out on the streets representing your organisation to others. Be they salespeople or simply delivery drivers it's important that the external image of your organisation is enhanced by their appearance. Everyone who works for an organisation is an ambassador for that brand so it makes perfect sense that from the top to the bottom of the organisation there is a standard image which can be represented to the public.

Jackets are a popular promotional clothing gift and there's no doubt they have great advantages in colder climates or where the weather can turn for the worst. With extensive branding on a promotional jacket (see range, here) you have the chance to create a highly visible and stylish promo garment which will do the job of promoting your brand years into the future. The great thing about many of these styles of promotional outerwear is that the addition of logos through embroidery, transfer application or screen printing actually enhances the final appearance of the garments. This is the sweet spot of promotional clothing marketing and the opportunity exists to make your brand fashion driven.

From socks through to neckties and headwear there are huge numbers of promotional garments available designed to satisfy the need companies have for orderly staff while creating comfort and style for the final wearers. Adding embroidery and printing to any of these clothing lines will enhance their final apparent value and appearance. In addition to offering custom clothing styles for staff to wear handing them out as an offering to clients or business contacts is also a clever way to extend the influence of your promotional message. Consider for instance handing out a bundle of printed t shirts. Over the subsequent years most likely they will regularly be worn in public effectively turning the recipients into walking billboards who are promoting your brand without undermining t their own appreciation of the gift.

It's for good reason that promotional clothing is the largest and most popular category of branded merchandise. Next time you;re out of the office at lunchtime have a look around at the garments being worn by other workers as the walk the street. Once your eyes are focussed you'll se how widespread is the use of promotional clothing.

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