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The Promotional Balance of Power

As the time for the Palmer United Party team to take control of the Senate balance of power nears, his opponents' attempts to create fear and uncertainty are being ramped-up. After Mike Willesee made a guest appearance on Channel 7's Sunday night "current affairs" program to lampoon the unsophisticated members of the new party opinion has been strongly divided as to whether Willesee behaved poorly in ambushing the freshman senators.

The real issue remains as to what promotional merchandise would have bought the warring parties together and offered a fresh perspective on the best way forward for the nation.

Clive Palmer should have offered Mike Willesee something from our beverage gear selection..... perhaps a promotional cooler bag which he could have stashed under his desk so the contents were within reach during commercial breaks. Choosing something for Senator Elect Ricky Muir and Member for Fairfax Mr. Clive Palmer is no more difficult than the obvious choice we have made for Mr. Willesee. Clive and Ricky are united not only by their dislike of both major political parties but positively united in their appreciation of motor vehicles.

For Senator Muir there could be few better options than a car care kit which would allow his 4WD to be cleaned to sparkling after another bush adventure. As somebody who appreciates a fine vehicle and requires a sturdy bit of carriage work to carry his frame Clive too is a bit of a sucker for a car related promotional gift. We can think of nothing better than a custom air freshener made in the shape of the PUP logo or indeed in the form of their fearless leader Clive himself. Certainly Tony Abbott would appreciate having a fragrant replica of Mr. Palmer dangling from his rear-view mirror. Not only would it permit him to take subtle glimpses at the mirror in the hope of spotting Malcolm Turnbull approaching from behind (clutching a dagger), but most importantly our Prime Minister could use the dangling novelty as a means by which he can learn to accept the constant presence of Clive Palmer.

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