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The Promotional Battle of the Sexes

In the three previous weekly blog entries the overarching benefits of utilising promotional merchandise to enhance brand values and sales has been proven using groundbreaking research conducted in the USA. To further expand on the impact of this critical data this week's instalment concentrates on the different effects promotional marketing has on each of the sexes and the product classes which are most appropriate when attempting to influence the purchasing decisions of men and women. Often it is forgotten that there are different emotional levers which work effectively with men and women, though we are conscious of the ongoing conflicts and divisions in our daily lives it is often forgotten in marketing that each of the sexes has different motivators.

When historic assessment of promotional marketing campaigns was conducted it revealed some fascinating details of the longer-term interests and associations of men and women. Women it seems value promotional bags, pens and notepads above all the other offerings available. While of course more focussed female oriented goods are also popular, items like compact mirrors, lip balm and makeup bags lead the field, The more generic items which have traditionally been seen as having across the board popularity tend to skew towards one or other of the sexes in ways which might not be expected. Women seem to appreciate smaller items which can have a daily practical use, hence the attention paid to pens and notepads while their interest in promotional bags is because of the general utility these items offer. Whether it is for shopping, as gym bags for after work exercises or even to pass the bags on to their children to use for school, the main intent of women in sourcing promotional merchandise is to find items which will be of benefit to them during a normal day of activities.

When it comes to the needs of men in promotional merchandise terms the choices are simple. While men would of course be interested in getting their hands on a promotional flashlight or a small tool kit which could be used when an emergency repair job was required the main class of promotional gear which is of interest is caps and shirts. This may say something about the male approach to fashion and dressing in that a cap which is supplied free provides a valuable protection from the sun and that its use and appreciation require no further consideration.

Interestingly both sexes prefer promotional ideas which offer practical value. Both are grateful for the gifts and it seems that the traditional interests of men and women are confirmed in a round about way by these stunning research results. Next time your marketing team is considering putting together an across-the-board, segment spanning advertising strategy don't forget the fundamental needs of each of the sexes and plan accordingly considering whether it is men or women who make the purchasing decisions in your industry. While it's never possible to be completely aware of what the outcome of any marketing strategy might be forward planning and consideration of all available information is the way towards minimising downside and maximising the potential return on your investment.

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