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What are Your Favourite Promo Items?

Many companies spend months and thousands of dollars in research looking into what is the best way forward with their marketing activity. There are many ways in which this can be done. For instance a company could do selective sampling of its client base, look at ideas which have been done in the past, or they could simply consult with a proven promotional products supplier like Fresh Promotions and ask the opinion of its expert staff. Which ever way you choose to proceed the fact is that as much as an empirical research can confirm details of which products are going to work best for your brand there needs to be an element of freshness, excitement and innovation in the promotional gift offering to truly take advantage of the emotional opportunities which naturally flow from the gifting of branded promotional merchandise.

Say for instance your company is in the building and construction industry. Rather than undertaking long-term and expensive research to indicate the way forward in terms of choosing the right promotional merchandise offering it may be simpler to ask people in your organisation what products would be the best fir with the likely recipients. The instinct in this situation is often to look for something which could be of immediate use to a tradesman - hammers, rulers or even a carpenters pencil are the sort of ideas which readily come to mind when looking for something to appeal to this class of gift recipient. At face value this seems like a good idea and a win win product choice because the items will be of value during the everyday activities of the intended recipient. However it's a fact that most tradesmen already have their preferred range of tools and offering them a promotional gift which is simply a cheaper copy of a product they already possess could be seen as diminishing the position of your brand in the market.

For this reason one of the best ways to determine which products are the most appropriate for your company to distribute to clients and other business contacts is to to speak with the sales force who deal with the intended targets on a regular basis. As a large part of the business day is dealing with the personal relationships which develop naturally as a product of the personal interaction which occurs in a normal business day these sales people are likely to have a good idea of the wants, needs and wishes of the target groups. Instead of spending a lot of money on doing preliminary research which may end up recommending a product which is of little value or interest to the intended recipients simply asking the people who deal with them every day what they would like is a proven way to come up with an idea quickly.

Next time your company is looking for a surefire way to get your logo before a new market which you would like to become regular clients have a shot at handing out the right promotional merchandise idea and run with something which is recommended by the sales team. Not only are the aware of the motivations of the people you wish to befriend and influence you will also excite the sales team and get them onboard with your marketing efforts.

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