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The Most Valuable Promotional Space

Traditional media buyers long argued over what the most valuable advertising space in the world might be. Some these days say it's the front page of Google which is generally an advertising free space. Others argue specific public locations the world over would be the best means by which to promote a specific offer or product. From a promotional viewpoint the most valuable space you can access is your client's desk. If you are able to sponsor a small part of the day of your business contacts the opportunity to influence and direct their buying behaviour is real and promises not only to provide a message in a highly trafficked area as with high level media but to provide a genuine return on your marketing message.

All promotional marketing must be seen as a combination of offer presentation and brand support. A good promotion will not feed-off the accumulated goodwill inherent in a brand but will rather associate itself with the brand values and add to them rather than amortise the accumulated goodwill as part of a sales focussed activity. Few ideas fit this definition of successful brand equity management better than a well aimed promotional product which stimulates motivation and activity while adding to the reservoir of positive consumer sentiment.

While there are many locations in the world which are seen by the greatest number of people as a promotional marketer the interest lies specifically in making the large scale message personal. The front page of the local newspaper may be seen by a million people in an hour but it is unlikely to produce a nuanced response which makes sense of the overall budget and image balance at the core of company activities.

Can there be any place in the business world which is a better home for your sales message than that right in front of somebody who has been identified as a prime candidate to buy your products? There may be places which will be seen by more people but what will they make of your offer, what are their chances of replying positively and what static is left amongst others unsure of your history of offers which might confuse potential respondents in future.

The most valuable promotional space in the world is the space which works for you. Giant international corporations see every member of the community as likely buyers of their products and therefore general mass consumption media are a potential route to profit. For most of us, however the number of people with whom we can do business and supply with goods and services is more limited. Personal marketing to the right people creates visible media opportunities which considered dollar for dollar are as critical to the survival and success of your company as an highly regarded advertisement in the Superbowl might be for a brewery.

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