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Which Promo Products Are The Most Popular?

Continuing with the reportage of the groundbreaking new research which has come out of the USA PPAI reports that the five most popular classes of promotional merchandise are as follows:

1. Wearable Items: This includes all forms of headwear and garments, T shirts and polo shirts. I makes sense that this class of promotional merchandise is amongst the most popular as it covers a wide range of different products all of which have a practical use. When people receive a baseball cap there is a high likelihood that they will wear it at some stage or at l;east pass it on to somebody else who has more interest in using the gift. the same applies to T shirts and polo shirts as even if they are not regular parts of a recipient's wardrobe they are practical items which are likely to find occasional use. Investing in promotional garments of any kind is a safe bet for most people the main difficulty which is faced is the range of sizes and colours which are available which makes the sourcing of a suitable mix of products all the more difficult. The fact that garments can also be used as company uniforms is another reason for their topping the promotional items list. This widespread appreciation and the general understanding of their value ensures that their appearance as the most popular promotional gift ideas is something most marketers are able to come to grips with.

2. Writing Instruments: Second on the list is no surprise as even in these days of electronic messaging and data distribution the old faithful ballpoint pen is an item which has broad utility and appeal. Whether the people you are speaking with work in a n office or attend pre school a functional ballpoint pen complete with your custom contact details is something they will find useful in their daily activities. Also the range of different product styles available is a proven reason for continuing to invest in promotional pens. Whether the product you're seeking to hand out is a simple cheap plastic cased ballpoint pen or a more expensive gift pen which people will want to keep for years to come the range ensures that there is something for every occasion. From highlighter pens, to the modern smooth flow gel ink models you can be sure that there is a promotional pen option available for every promotional activity you can think of. The fact that pens and more generally writing instruments are continuing to be popular is no great surprise and their effectiveness as promotional tools has been confirmed in many research reports in recent years.

3. Bags: Again the utility and all round visibility of promotional bags ensures that they will always be successful tools for promoting and enhancing brand awareness. Indeed it has recently been reported by the PPAI in the United States that not only are bags the most visible of all promotional classes they are also the best value in terms of cost per impression. The average promotional bag in the USA is sighted over 60000 times in the course of its life and this comes back to a coat of less than a tenth of a cent per logo view amongst consumers. These are the sort of figures which any media buyer or expert in communication dreams of and it is one of the main reasons that promotional bags make it to number three on the all time favourites list. Depending on the type of bag which is offered to clients and consumers these figures can vary considerably, but the general impression of tote bags and shopping bags which are both the cheapest and the most highly visible of promotional bags is that they have a practical life which extends well beyond the original period of distribution.

4. Calendars: While in this day and age promotional calendars are not as popular as they once were there are still many reasons why they should be considered as part of a promotional investment and still several major reasons why the canny marketer will always order them to be sent out to clients and business contacts. Even today when most people carry a mobile phone from which they are able to immediately discern the date and time a calendar is a popular item because it allows your logo and contact details to be displayed in a highly visible manner on the wall of the recipients' offices.

5. Drinkware: people drink more than they eat and the range of different drink receptacles they use makes drinkware, items such as cups, mugs and travel mugs an ideal way to become part of the daily lives of business contacts and staff. Custom coffee mugs for instance are amongst the most popular of all promotional products and no time needs to be spent here reporting on the obvious advantages these classic items have in terms of enhancing brand awareness. You can gift your clients ceramic coffee mugs which they use at their desks every day and then also give them a thermal travel mug or auto mug which can hit the road with them every day for their daily commute or while they are out visiting clients and their own business contacts. These reasons are amongst those which have drinkware near the top of the list of promotional products which continue to attract attention and appeal to the general market.

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