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Why Custom Lapel Pins Get Noticed

Next time you watch the nightly news on TV and see a politician talking fondly of themselves, ignore the temptation to fall under their spell and look instead at the left lapel of their jacket. Most likely there will be a custom made lapel pin in place which is commemorating a day of remembrance or an upcoming charity event. While a custom made lapel pin is a subtle, small and some would say inconspicuous gift item the fact remains that they easily become items of personal adornment and cross the line between promotional gift and jewellery item. The complete range of custom styles available for manufacture can be seen on the lapel pins category page, here.

There are many great advantages in having custom made pins produced for your company or organisation. Aside from the advantage mentioned in the previous paragraph the other reason many companies take advantage of these items to enhance their marketing offerings is the low cost per unit combined with a much higher apparent value. As a custom pin will often be seen a a jewellery item and appear to be made of precious metals the perception of it by a recipient is quote different to other styles of promotional merchandise generally offered.

Consider also the fact that a lapel pin is small and unobtrusive. This ensures that people do not feel self-conscious wearing these items and indeed the fact that they are not bold and strong in promoting the cause for which they have been manufactured is one of their great strengths. As an item of personal adornment lapel pins are subtle so that it may be that anyone who first sights the pin upon somebody's clothing will be forced to have a second look to determine the exact nature of the statement being made. This style of marketing depends on the natural curiosity of humans to come to the fore and the simple fact that it's not possible to clearly make out the design the first time will cause people to take greater note of the statement being made.

Another genuine attribute of promotional lapel pins is the matter of exclusivity. A custom pin is only available from the organisation which places the order so they are an ideal way to reward club members and donors who would otherwise go unrecognised. A subtle lapel pin with the crest of the organisation which which they are associated is an ideal way to say "thank you" to supporters and the fact that the item is available nowhere else makes the gift all the more valuable. Again the relatively low cost of lapel pins relative to their apparent value works to the marketer's advantage in this situation.

For sporting clubs and charities, lapel pins are a much utilised way in which they reward staff and contributors. But it's also business which finds them to be valuable marketing assets. Handing our lapel pins is a way to get a personal endorsement from anyone who then wears the item and like all products which verge on being jewellery there is no chance anyone will dispose of an attractive lapel pin which will instead be kept form many years, constantly prompting memories of the organisation from which it was received.

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