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Why Promotional Shopping Bags Add Value

Major retailers are always looking for a way to enhance the recognition and values of their brand as online shopping and increased bricks and mortar competition erode profit margins and long-held brand equity. There are many ways in which retail brands face these current market considerations, but amongst the most time honoured approaches has been to present their company livery on easy to see promotional shopping bags. Not only do these bags provide a genuine utility, in that they protect and make handling purchases easy, but a sideline is that while on a shopping spree customers who have made a purchase become unwitting promoters of the brand they hold in their hands. Though it must be said that in many cases a well constructed, attractive custom branded shopping bag is seen by some as a fashion accessory which they are happy to be seen carrying in public.

Having your own promotional shopping bags made which enhance your company brand is a sensible idea, particularly if you are supplying products to the public and they require a form or packaging to carry and protect their purchases on their journey home. But even if you are not a retailer these highly visible, great value products have applications beyond packaging and transport. If for instance your company is planning a sales event and wants to hand out documents or samples of some kind to attendees a custom printed shopping bag is the perfect carry all to give to people. If you are for instance attending a trade show and want to give gifts to people who visit your stand as a way to entice them in and keep them there for longer, the custom printed shopping bag which holds all their swag will not only bulk up your offering but will likely be seen by all the other attendees walking amongst the crowds. The message that there is gear to be had at your stand and that these gifts are provided in a handy and robust shopping bag will definitely drive more traffic to your stand. In addition as people gather up more merchandise while they walk around the room the need for a carry all will increase. If you can be the source of a bag which makes their attendance at the event all the more pleasant it cannot but help increase the opinion people have of your organisation.

Another real advantage with custom shopping bags these days is the improvement in the technology available to print and manufacture them. With digital printing becoming more common and the cost per unit falling you are able to print full colour on small runs of shopping bags where in the past low prices and quality printing were only available to the larger buyers who could count on placing orders in the tens of thousands. Because the materials which can be digitally printed are also superior in quality and appearance to the traditional paper bags which most companies offered the digital print revolution has made shopping bags with custom printing all the more effective as carriers of the hopes of your brand.

Next time you;re looking for a cost effective, highly visible and practical way to create awareness of your brand the traditional, old school shopping bag should be on your radar as they are both a practical and popular means by which awareness of your company can be enhanced.

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