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Why Swivel Flash Drives Outsell Other Models

Little needs to be said about the advantages that promotional flash drives have over other promotional products. Not only do they have broad appeal but the ability to upload your catalogue and company product details means they are an ideal way to transfer important data. However with hundreds of different casing styles available and more being released every week it makes sense to take some time to try to get the right style for your purpose.

First most people are not looking for something unusual which has a radical design. While of course some flash drive styles like those which are made of metal and comprised largely of a carabiner clip (see, here) have value if you are looking for an item which may make an impact or cut through where people have already been heavily exposed to promotional flash drives. But the main criteria which you should consider in choosing the right flash drive model is usability and the most popular model for this reason is the simple, swivel flash drive.

Not only does the swivel style have a simple mechanism whereby the swivelling metal arm on each flash drive unit doubles as moth a means of protecting the USB connector while it also providing a large-scale and highly visible branding area. The manner in which the metal arm swivels 360 degrees is the reason these models are so popular, that and the fact they ultimately take up only a small space. Consider for instance if you chose one of the more complex flash drive styles to brand with your logo.

Because the swivel flash drive is so popular it is also available in a rainbow of colours. This allows a higher degree of customisation as you can select a colour which exactly matches your logo and printed image which then extends the effectiveness of your branding. Even better if you plan to order over 500 units it's also possible to have a custom PMS colour used to make the basing of each flash drive unit. In promotional marketing the name of the game is branding and if you are able to make your swivel flash drive customised entirely to reflect the imagery of your organisation then all the better.

Another of the reasons the swivel model is so popular is its one piece frame and construction. While the metal swivel arm can be removed if you want to wrestle with it however they are delivered solidly locked in place. Many other styles have two piece casings which means the cap has to be removed to get access to the USB connector. While this can make the final product appear more complex and to some eyes more stylish, or indeed offer a second branding position the reality is that the caps are often lost and then the whole promotional flash drive unit appears somewhat forlorn and second-rate. This is never a problem with the swivel models because swivelling metal arm doubles as a cover and when rotated 180 degrees exposed the USB connector without having to remove it.

While many companies choose the swivel styles because they are cost effective the reality is that the great majority of promotional flash drive styles are delivered around the same price. This is why it makes sense to select a style like the swivel model which has universal appeal and a proven effectiveness in promotional marketing campaigns.

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