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While many would argue Australia does not have a genuine winter by Norther Hemisphere standards, the change of seasons is real top those of us who live in the land of sunshine and blue skies even if the depths of winter do not go so deep. There is a definite change in the climate which prompts many changes in consumer and staff behaviour which are therefore in themselves sufficient motivation to warrant the attention of marketers.

As people alter their behaviours and patterns of consumption, so a marketing organisation should be cognisant of theses changes either to sandbag against declines in sales and shifts in consumer attention to competitive product segments. Promotional products which are ideal for winter can be the most effective available. The winter period is for many Australians a time of relative hibernation in comparison with the summer months so the focus on indoor activity and a move away from outdoor activities can provide an opportunity for marketers to have the undivided attention of their market.

The best way to ensure that consumers attend to your offers or promotional activity is to make it relevant to their daily lives, so choosing from the range of winter promotional products is a good way to start in deciding what activity will be best for the colder months. Perhaps due to the change of season weather team sports gear and branded supporters' gear (see range, here) are ideal items to consider using as they take advantage of the average Australian's love of sport which is the focus of many people's lives over the winter season. Either by sponsoring a local footy team or trading off their local events a regional marketer can create opportunities for business growth within their community while enhancing the long-term reputation and authority of their brand.

Over winter the types of clothing people wear changes substantially and indeed there are items of clothing which may only be worn once or twice a year under special circumstances. Think perhaps of a simple piece of cold season headwear. Promotional beanies are not something the average person in Australian needs to wear daily, however there will occasionally be a cold turn in the weather which has consumers searching their wardrobes. At an outdoor event, the snow or just as a cheap personal gift beanies are an ideal way to take advantage of the colder months. They provide recipients with both a useful and appealing garment which carries strong and prominent branding which will last for many years to come.

Another potential promo product which proves popular every winter is the woven scarf. Scarves have become a mainstay of sports team supporters over the years and there's no reason you can't take advantage of the same opportunity to promote your brand. Whether it's for a local sports team or simply as addition to the uniform of the full time staff a scarf with a logo woven into its design is a prominent and useful branding item.

While winter can be a time of hibernation when marketers traditionally sit on their hands and keep things on hold until the higher activity of the summer period rolls around, the opportunities to take advantage of the change of season are the same regardless of the time of year.

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