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Wristbands Keep Your Message On Hand

Since Lance Armstrong in happier days founded the Livestrong Foundation and made the yellow silicone wristband an international promotional icon many other have taken advantage of the value and visibility which these simple products provide. Whether you are a charity, community group, a church or a business there are multiple ways in which promotional wristbands can be effectively employed to reward supporters and encourage attention, raise funds and create a sense of belonging.

One of the great things about wristbands is the cost. At less than a dollar a piece, even for smaller orders they are a cheap way to reward supporters of offer a gift with donation as part of a fundraising drive. Community clubs find that rather than simply asking for a $10 or $20 donation it is much more effective to offer a wristband as an incentive and a "thank you" to donors who then continue to promote the cause as they go about their daily lives wearing the offering you have exchanged. The exclusiveness of providing a wristband is also highlighted as the only place from which such a keepsake can be obtained is your organisation which will inevitably focus greater attention on the headline cause which you support.

Made of injection moulded silicone wristbands are available in a variety of different forms, colours and textures. Depending on the final use you have planned there models as diverse as "mood" style wristbands which can indicate the emotional attitude of the wearer to others through to flash drive wristbands which include a flash memory chip as part of the construct allowing you to carry large quantities of data unobtrusively. Since everyone has 2 wrists the potential market for the variety of products available is twice the size of the whole human race! To see the complete range of promotional wristbands available check out our category page, here.

From football teams to church charity drives there are endless opportunities to take advantage of the promotional opportunities which wristbands present. While many products are supplied with a custom embossed message as part of the design it's also possible to buy an off the shelf wristband style and simply overprint it with the message of your event or campaign. This way a relatively cheap version of the product can be produced in small volumes at short notice with little or no diminution of the characteristic strengths of wristbands as a class of product.

Wristbands continue to be one of the most popular classes of products which appeal to children and adults alike. Many times the best way to attract the attention of adults is through their children and if you are planning a sales day or an event aimed at attracting families a wristband could be the perfect product to amuse and reward the kids while giving the whole family a keepsake that will go home with them. This is the holy grail of promotional marketing; to create awareness, emotional attachment an long-term message delivery at a low price and it's the reason promotional wristbands continue to be an effective marketing tool despite their long-term widespread use.

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