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Promotional Products Perth & Western Australia


Shipping merchandise to clients in Perth and other areas of Southern Western Australia is generally completed within 5 days. Road freight is used for most bulky orders and the distance carriers must travel across the continent. Where samples have been ordered or the final order is compact and within the 5kg weight limit Fresh Promotions will use TNT airbags as the safest and most reliable delivery option. Airbags arrive at the majority of metro destinations within 24 hours of shipping confirmation when addressed to Sydney and metropolitan surrounds.


Western Australia Regional Cities & Population Centres


Regional Queensland deliveries are generally completed within 3 days of dispatch with the exception being western Queensland where deliveries are completed on a weekly basis. please ask your Fresh Promotions consultant for a more specific estimate of delivery lead time.


Northern Western Australia


Deliveries traveling to the far north of WA - areas such as Broome and The Kimberley region are generally delivered within 10 working days of dispatch. There is however considerable variation depending on the nature of the product and the timing of the shipment. Sometimes shipping a day late can mean the product misses the weekly delivery cycle and will take longer than estimated. In the case where delivery lead time is tight for your project please call us on 1800 129 999 and we can provide a more accurate estimate.


Perth Promotional Product Ideas


Situated over 4,000 kilometers west of Sydney Perth is said to be the most remote major city in the world. With a booming economy fed by overseas demand for Australia's minerals and national interest in visiting the more remote regions spurring a growth in tourist numbers, things are going swimmingly. From Geraldton down south, through Cottesloe beach and Rottness Island all the way up to Cable Beach and the Kimberley Western Australia has a climate, lifestyle and the activities to suit everyone.


In Perth as with anywhere else in the world, a promotional products campaign is about engaging with people directly. As Perth has an affluent population with growing economic power the sort of items which will work with this market and the circumstances under which they will engage with marketers


Considering lifestyle and environmental influences is a proven way to start deciding which promotional ideas will work best for the people of Perth. For either locally based marketers or for those based in the eastern states who are hoping to expand sales in the west the right branded merchandise campaign is a proven way to engage with an often distracted market which enjoys the luxury of a multitude of distractions and entertainment options.


Outdoor equipment and sports orientated products, personal gifts and hospitality related items are amongst those which have the best reaction for consumers in Perth. While the average Perth resident has a reputation for living a faster lifestyle than many others would experience in Eastern Australia essentially the market is motivated by the same points of interest or disengagement as one finds in the rest of Australia.


Most Popular Products for Perth Promotional Activity


As a large number of mining and resource development companies are based in Perth, items which are of interest to the mining and engineering industries are very popular. Ideas like Maglite Torches, Leatherman Tools, Belt Buckles and embroidered jackets are all popular choices for memorable promotional items which will be well received in the West.