Aaccura Point Pens

sku FCP 1807

Cheap retro promo pens which looks like a pencil

Available Colours:

Available in black, white, red, lt blue, dk blue, yellow, orange, lt green, dk green, maroon and clear laquer

Print Area

95mm W x 19mm H

Product Dimensions

16mm x 7mm

Production Lead Time

2-3 weeks | Need it sooner? Call 1800 129 999


$2.05 ea (ex gst)

$1.70 ea (ex gst)

$1.25 ea (ex gst)

$0.95 ea (ex gst)

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Whether your business is a banking, insurance or sales office, having enough pens around is something that is always a challenge. People accidentally walk away with pens after using them on a daily basis. This can leave your business with a shortage of writing instruments in a hurry if you are not prepared. Having pens that are printed with your business logo is a smart way to get great brand recognition and keep stocked with an essential item at the same time.

These pens that look like pencils have just enough novelty to attract attention where people will be sure to see your business name printed on the side. They come in a wide variety of colors so that it is easy to coordinate with your business colors. When you give them out to customers, you are sending out your logo to all the possible places that people will travel to in their day to day actions. Everywhere the pens go, so goes your business name for great visibility. These pens are priced at an economical rate that will make it easy to order large quantities and always have a healthy supply on hand. If you choose to, you can order in multiple colors to add variety and fun to your business name.

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