Ani Microbial Clicker Pen

sku FAB 1104

Anti microbial promo pens with anti- bacterial agent built in

Available Colours:

White barrel with black or blue trim

Print Area

44mm x 13mm

Product Dimensions

14cm in length

Production Lead Time

3-4 weeks | Need it sooner? Call 1800 129 999


$2.25 ea (ex gst)

$1.85 ea (ex gst)

$1.65 ea (ex gst)

$1.35 ea (ex gst)

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There are a lot of different products in our inventory today, but perhaps some of the most interesting (and probably best for some people) are the antibacterial pens that we sell. These click style pens come are designed to reduce transmission of bacteria. You don't know where people's hands have been, so it's good to have a tool like this that will make it safer to share. Antibacterial clicker pens are practical, but they're also a lot of fun. You can depend on these pens as unique marketing tools. If you're in the medical business. aged care or anywhere that involves regular contact with the public this product could be a life saver.

You can't be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself from cold and flu germs these days and your customers will see how much you care about them when you provide anti-bacterial pens for them to use. These promotional pens use silver ion technology to make them resistant to bacteria, fungus and microbes that commonly live on surfaces that many people come in contact with. They are an excellent choice to protect not only your employees that come in contact with the public on a regular basis but you can also do a small part in protecting your customers as well.

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