Anti Bacterial Pens

sku FSP 6587

Anti-bac pens contain an active agent which kills bacteria on contact

Available Colours:

White base colour promotional anti bacterial pens with up to 4 colour logo printing

Print Area

50mm x 8mm

Product Dimensions

Anti bacterial pens with printing are approximately 140mm in length

Production Lead Time

2-3 weeks | Need it sooner? Call 1800 129 999


$3.25 ea (ex gst)

$2.60 ea (ex gst)

$1.95 ea (ex gst)

$1.50 ea (ex gst)

$1.15 ea (ex gst)

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Keep Your Marketing Healthy with Anti Bacterial Pens

Now days everyone are very concerned about their hygiene. They would try their level best to keep themselves away from usual germs, viruses and bacteria. As hand is the most common place where transfer of almost every kind of harmful viruses takes place. That's why there are many kinds of sanitising hand gels, sprays and antibacterial wipes are available in the market. But even if you was your hands number of times using using this, you can't get complete protection until or unless you use something which regularly replenishes your protection shield. On such thing which is very useful in keeping any person protected during most part of the day is regular use of anti bacterial pens

Invention of these anti bacterial pens was not at all an easy process. It required the dedicated effort of many intellect human resources who worked for many years to come up with some remarkable results. Although the initial results were not so much lucrative and effective. Early version anti bacterial pens used to have an outer anti bacterial cover which used to usually wear off in a very short period of time. This used to nullify all the requirements for which these pens were made usually. But with time scientist come up with ultimate solution of this problem. They created a chemical solution which itself is an integral part of the combination through which these anti bacterial pens are made of. These innovation resulted in the creation of anti bacterial pens which can be used to ward off every kind of viruses, bacteria and germs.

Living Anti-Bacterial Culture in Each Pen!

There are many properties of cheap antibacterial pens & living pens that makes them an ideal corporate gifts item. If you are concerned about their price then don't worry as if you purchase from us in bulk the final price of each Anti Bacterial Pens will come down considerably. Apart from that we even have host of cheap Anti Bacterial Pens to offer our customers. Also we have an in-house printing facility which also makes all the promotional products offered by us very economical.

In our increasingly crowded world the possibilities of dangerous infections are constantly on the increase. Antibacterial Pens and sanitising pens make great promotional giveaways as they reassure your customers at the same time as they present your logo in the best possible light. If you are looking for a clean, safe and pleasing promotional item you will not be disappointed by the collection of promotional pens available right here.

The outside of our sanitising pens are coated with a unique anti-bacterial surface that for the life of the pen keeps it free of harmful germs and bacterial. Imagine being able to pick up a pen knowing that no matter who has used it or where it has been it is germ free. These pens are often called living pens as they constantly re-clean themselves. Making your and your customers lives just that little bit safer is a great way to ensure a great promotion for your company.

Promotional sanitising pens are not just a silly fad in a world where superbugs are loose in hospitals and where extreme precautions often need to be taken. A simple pen often gets passed from person to person thus increasing health risks. Your logo on one of these Promotional Anti Bacterial Pens will help maintain the health of your customers as well as the health of your company brand. So for a living pen don't hesitate to take up this terrific opportunity.

With our Promotional Anti Bacterial Pens you get ample space for any logo and a very easy to distribute promotional item. Let your rival company's giveaway ordinary pens that are quickly lost or forgotten while you give them your company brand imprinted on living pens. That will give your customers something to remember you by. So don't forget, the next time you need a great giveaway promotional item, our choices in sanitising pens are not to be beat.

With a promotional sanitising pen or living pen you are getting the advantage of some of the most modern of medical science. Harmful germs can be found lurking anywhere and superbugs are especially be found in hospitals. You and your clients, even if they are not in the medical profession, will feel that much safer using pens such as the sanitising pens available here. Germ free, these are a wonderful and unique way to promote your logo.

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