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Custom Bobble Heads are a great way to make truly unique looking promotional item that people will be scrambling to get their hands on. These Custom Bobble Heads are classic nodding bobble heads, and their heads nod side to side. This is a great way to make an item that will do a great job of promoting your logo. This is the kind of item that will remind people of classic novelty items like the nodding dog. You can model these bobble heads after anything you want, and this model is really great if you want to model something after a person in a vehicle. You can pattern your bobble head after anything, and it is certain to look great. They are 75mm tall.

  • Marketing

Custom Made Bobble Heads are a Gift to remember

Bobble heads are a lot of fun. If you're looking for a marketing tool that's a little different, these might be just what you need. We have a full selection of fun items and novelties like these bobble heads that are sure to turn customers' heads for your marketing campaigns. Feel free to browse our selection below to see which styles you like best and how you can customise these items to fit your marketing and promotions. You can have these created for special events, or you can use them just to give your customers a unique way to remember your company whenever they need the products and services that you have to offer.

These are effective for sports teams, non profit organisations, and all kinds of commemorative events where a fun idea is in order. The best part is that these can all be fully customised to suit your needs and give you more for your money than you might expect to get with promotional marketing. There are so many ways that you can put bobble heads to work to build your brand, offer unique gifts to people, and more. The different styles and customisation options give you the perfect fit.

Catching the attention of potential customers and clients is the first step in any promotion, and catch their attention you are bound to do with one of these great promotional bobble heads. Available in a vast range of types, these always amusing figurines are sure to please and surprise. As great promotional items a bobble head is just what you need to wake up your promotional image and of course have some fun at the same time.

The Glorious History of Bobble Head Custom Design & Manufacture

Amazingly, bobble heads have been around a lot longer than you might think, perhaps a long ago as the mid-nineteenth century or over 150 years. At that time the figures were likely to have only of been of animals such as cats and dogs. Later when springs became readily available large figures were produced, though still of animals only. Few examples of these early bobble heads have survived. For a great range of promotional bobble heads have a look at what is available right here. With these quality Promotional Bobble Heads you get a product that will continue to attract for a long time to come. The result is a continuous promotional for your brand.

Basketball was the inspiration for the modern popularity of bobble heads with a team in the 1920s producing bobble heads of all its players. Since that time the popularity of bobble heads have waxed and waned until the 1960s when baseball took them up and produced a series made of mashed paper. After this stronger materials have been used until nearly every sport have produced its team in bobble heads at one time or another.

While sports and increasingly political figures have appeared in bobble head guise, animal bobble heads continue to be very popular. So why not have a look at the Animal Bobble Heads and make your promotional day with one of the many exciting choices on offer?

Plastic, as it so often has, made the bobble head a permanent success story. Light, strong and durable, bobble heads now come in a tremendous range of styles and types. Even more importantly for your promotional success, custom made bobble heads are now a cost-effective option.

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