Custom Cufflinks

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Any custom shape, any cufflink design you like. Have your logo, products or even the boss made into a promotional cufflink design which will last a lifetime

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4-6 weeks | Need it sooner? Call 1800 129 999


$17.75 ea (ex gst)

$12.80 ea (ex gst)

$10.55 ea (ex gst)

$8.20 ea (ex gst)

$6.10 ea (ex gst)

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Cufflinks are associated with a white collar job and style of living and they are used to keep the cuffs of men’s dress shirts closed while adding a nice masculine decorative touch as well. The Custom Cufflinks can do more than that, though, because they can also act as an advertising item and corporate gift as well. You can create, customize and design your cufflinks in just about any shape or size so you can reflect your business, your political affiliation or send just about any message you like. Hand these out at corporate events, at public events and even job fairs to get your name noticed. Quality components and careful stamping will ensure lasting results and a beautiful looking dress item.

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