Promotional Snow Domes

sku FSD 4565

Product Dimensions

65mm glass diameter

Production Lead Time

2-3 weeks | Need it sooner? Call 1800 129 999


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$5.20 ea (ex gst)

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Snow domes are a fun, whimsical way to show off your brand and help your company build a better marketing plan than you might have in place currently. Always popular as souvenirs and mementos of times past they offer a lot of variety with the many sizes, styles, and designs. Imagine creating a snow dome that shows off your favourite product, your factory or even a 3D representation of your company logo. Many destination cities and tourist spots even create these personalised domes to sell to visitors as a memory of their vacation and it makes sense that you should play off the emotional impact these simple yet time tested branded goods have to offer.

Throughout the service industry, a snow dome can come in handy, as a gift idea which creates memories they are ideal wedding parties and other celebratory events. Snow domes can be used by marketing companies for anniversary and internal purposes, but they are specially effective when handed out to companies whose business offers relate to winter, snow, or the traditions of the Northern Hemisphere Christmas holiday season. Shake things up and show people what your brand has to by putting it under a glass dome and watching the little white flakes of brand recognition fall into place.

These Promotional Snow Domes are a fun decorative item and make a great giveaway for corporate events and conventions. This is something that people will definitely want, and what is more, it is an item that will definitely be remembered. When potential clients and customers are swimming in promotional pens at a convention, your company will really stand out if it is giving away these Promotional Snow Domes. This is a great seasonal promotions item that is perfect for the holidays, but can also be given out at any time of the year. These Promotional snow domes come with your custom branded corporate logo pad printed on and are sure to be a memorable giveaway for anyone that gets one.

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Spread Your Influence with Promotional Snow Domes

The popular trend of gifting snow domes can never run out of fashion. Always popular due to the entertaining and amusing characters or structures inside them, their influence until now has been somewhat limited to the souvenir and mementos markets. When turned upside down the falling snow or suspended glitter is amusing and memorable. Whatever be the age or sex of the person be a snow dome is sure to attract their attention Available in host of sizes they can used for many purposes. The smaller models can be used as paper weight, whereas the bigger ones can be used either as a souvenir or a teaser item for a new product release or extension of the company product range.

Offering Promotional Snow Domes as Client Gifts

There are many styles available in the market but not all are perfect for gifting someone. Only those made of quality materials can act as positive for your brand message by remaining intact for a considerable time period. Cheap snow domes can easily give up when mishandled or dropped. As we have in-house printing facility, we can even get the name, date of birth or any other message custom printed on the outer clear dome making them a memorable souvenir for a life time.

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