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Promotional Products Sydney & New South Wales

Delivery to Sydney and Suburbs: Shipping to clients in Sydney are generally completed within 24 hours. Many of the largest promotional wholesalers and branding companies are situated in Sydney so delivery from their stock to For exact information request a delivery estimate from one of our consultants. Where samples have been ordered or the final order is compact and within the 5kg weight limit Fresh Promotions will use TNT airbags as the safest and most reliable delivery option. Airbags arrive at the majority of metro destinations within 24 hours of shipping confirmation when addressed to Sydney and metropolitan surrounds.


NSW Regional Cities & Population Centres

Regional Queensland deliveries are generally completed within 3 days of dispatch with the exception being western Queensland where deliveries are completed on a weekly basis. please ask your Fresh Promotions consultant for a more specific estimate of delivery lead time.


Outback NSW

Deliveries traveling to the far west of NSW, areas such as Burke and Broken Hill are generally delivered within 5 working days of dispatch. There is however considerable variation depending on the nature of the product and the timing of dispatch. Sometimes shipping a day late can mean the product misses the usual delivery cycle and it will take longer than estimated. If delivery lead time is critical for your project please call us on 1800 129 999 and we can provide a more accurate estimate of delivery timings.


Sydney Merchandise Ideas

Sydney, Australia's largest city and original landing place of the First Fleet which brought the first colonists to the country (whether they liked it or not) enjoys a mix of a positive attributes including a Mediterranean climate, extensive cultural and entertainment opportunities, world famous beaches like Bondi and perhaps the most beautiful harbour in the world. A mixture of outdoor activity orientated and social activity is the preferred by the majority of Sydney's citizens. With a full range of entertainment and pastime opportunities available the people of Sydney are.


As a promotional products campaign is about engaging with people directly and leveraging a general advertising message into specific action a key element in developing an effective strategy is ensuring relevance. There are few better ways to guarantee relevance in your offering than providing products which take into account Sydney's geography and population diversity. Sydney folk have the harbour and the hinterland which leads to the Blue Mountains as their playground. Sports, leisure pursuits and items of genuine utility catch their fancy and find effective usage in their daily lifestyles and activities.


These lifestyle and activity attributes are an effective way to work out the promotional products which will work best for potential clients and contacts in Sydney and NSW. Regardless of whether you're a local Sydney side marketer or based elsewhere and targeting the large urban population of the nation's first city there are many undoubted opportunities in using branded merchandise.


Whether it's the beach, a sporting event, a gift for the car or a screen printed garment, with promotional products, Sydney is the nation's capital.


Most Popular Products for Sydney Promotional Activity

Promotional mugs, flash drives, t shirts, baseball caps, pens and notepads - the classics are all popular in Sydney.