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10,000 Promotional Products, Items & Custom Merchandise Ideas

With over 10,000 custom branded promotional items available Fresh Promotions has Australia's largest online promotional products range. You'll find all the promotional gifts you need here in our one stop online shop. Australia wide shipping for promotional merchandise, express delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth ensures your order is in your hands when you need it. For the best price and advice FreeCall Fresh Promotional Products Australia on 1800 129 999 right now to speak with a promotion consultant. Tell us about the corporate promotional material, product marketing or corporate gifts activity you have planned - Fresh Promotions Australia has the range and the expertise to make it happen!


Featured Promotional Products

  1. Coffee Mugs
    Bendigo Matte Enamel Mug Bendigo Matte Enamel Mug
    Tough and durable these retro style stainless steel enamel coffee mugs are a great option
  2. Coffee Mugs
    Cordia Ceramic Vacuum Cup Cordia Ceramic Vacuum Cup
    With a secure ceramic inner lining these insulated vacuum coffee cups are a pleasure to
  3. Power Banks
    Magneto Wireless Fast Charger Magneto Wireless Fast Charger
    This compact magnetic wireless charger is equipped with fast charging capability and is small and
  4. Phone Accessories
    Bamboo Wireless Charger Bamboo Wireless Charger
    Wireless phone charger with an eco friendly natural bamboo finish and a non-marking base This
  5. Eco Products
    Organic 650ml Water Bottle Organic 650ml Water Bottle
    Made from sugar cane mass this great looking and practical promotional drink bottle is environmentally
  6. Water Bottles
    RPET Hydro Bottle RPET Hydro Bottle
    This stylish clear acrylic drink bottle is made from RPET material which is completely BPA-free
  7. Cooler Bags
    Colton Cooler Tote Bag Colton Cooler Tote Bag
    With an extra large twenty-six litre internal capacity these calico finished cooler tote bags feature
  8. Personal Products
    Luxe Handheld Massager Luxe Handheld Massager
    All you need to relieve muscle tension and soreness The handheld massager enables you to
  9. Coffee Mugs
    Stellar Cup Borosilicate - 250ml  Stellar Cup Borosilicate - 250ml
    Reusable borosilicate glass coffee cup with a secure push on plastic lid with silicone seal
  10. Coffee Mugs
    Eco Kick Coffee Cup Eco Kick Coffee Cup
    Choose from the eleven stock cup colours and select a flip lid and silicone sleeve
  11. Travel Mugs
    Deluxe Express Cups Deluxe Express Cups
    Stylish reusable takeaway style coffee cup with heat resistant silicone band and a screw on
  12. Metal Bottles
    Nomad Vacuum Bottle - Stainless Nomad Vacuum Bottle - Stainless
    Classic large volume double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel drink bottle which will keep drinks

Latest Promotional Merchandise Ideas

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Business Promotional Products Build Brand Equity

Successful marketing efforts is all about getting the most from your investment. Companies which use custom branded products the right way are always aware of new ways to maximise public interest and exposure to their brands. While you can never guarantee a positive return on investment, there are time- tested ideas which will increase the percentage probability of success. The proven emotional reinforcement and personal relationship enhancing aspects of promotional marketing is one of them.

Promotional merchandise is an essential part of your marketing mix

To maximise your return on promotional investment all marketing elements must work in harmony. Your budget allocation to branded merchandise works best when integrated with an over-arching promotion strategy with specific objectives in mind. The strategic use of promo items, selected and targeted to appeal to potential customers will elevate their effectiveness. The financial return on your branded gifts investment is doubled when it aligns with a well defined brand marketing message. The right printed merchandise carrying the right message increases the clients’ awareness of the greater communications strategy.

The ways in which you can use branded promotional items are as common as the different reasons

organisations market their products and services. To maximise your return on promotional investment all marketing elements must work in strategic unison. Your budget allocation to branded merchandise works best when integrated with an over-arching promotion strategy. Using promo items as an example, when selected and targeted to appeal to potential customers, the effectiveness of these branded gifts is doubled when it aligns with a highlighted brand marketing message. The right printed merchandise carrying the right message increases the clients’ awareness of the greater communications message.

Choosing Promotional Gifts for Sydney

If your plan is to increase sales and client engagement in the Sydney market the right choice of product is a good start. As Australia’s foremost international city with a growing population, Sydney is renowned for its highly urbanised life style. Sydney is Australia’s gateway to the world Sydney and regularly listed amongst the world’s top tourist and business destinations so corporate promotional products of premium quality will be well received by Sydneysiders. Sydney’s suburbs and surrounds of Sydney includes some of the nation’s best beaches not to mention what many consider t be the world’s finest harbour. Apart from these geographic advantages there are plenty of other ways in which the people of Sydney connect with the fast-paced lifestyle of their city. As the first official location for settlement in Australia, Sydney is a relatively developed and mature city when compared with younger capitals like Brisbane or Perth. Like the rest of Australia Sydney’s best years still lie ahead with a strategic position in Asia ensures that international business and marketing investment will continue to grow for the next century. To attract the attention of Sydney folk a well structured promotional offer and the right promotional products which celebrate the advantages of the city are proven to enhance relationships and increase brand equity.

Promotional Merchandise for Melbourne & Victoria Marketing Campaigns

The custom branded product options which are effective in the Melbourne market highlight the city’s cultural and fashionable-style focus. Melbourne has a reputation for its multicultural population which enjoys a culture and arts-focussed way of life. Combined with the natural beauty of the city’s surroundings it’s not hard to understand why Victoria’s popularity continues to grow. As Melbourne has consolidated its position as Australia’s financial industry and home of the creative industries the more the city celebrates its cultural roots. Custom promotional merchandise which appeal to the people of Melbourne include items which are stylish and up-to-the-minute. Graced with a rugged coastline and a rich, fertile hinterland more and more the regions of Victoria are renowned for the world class food and wines they produce. Promotional products Melbourne people appreciate provide entertainment through the cold and dampness of the winter months. Home also to Australia’s unique and highly successful Australian Football League which enhances the indoor lifestyle required during the colder months of the year. Promotional items you offer to your clients in the Souther State will be effective if chosen in consideration of these attributes of the Melbourne lifestyle.

The Promotional Products Brisbane People Appreciate

Promotional products which work in Brisbane have a specific regional focus. South East Queensland is famous for its outdoors lifestyle and mild, subtropical climate. Custom branded products which support the healthy, outdoor lifestyle enjoyed by most Queenslanders will increase the return of your promotional investment. With some of the world’s best beaches with a fertile hinterland a short drive from the sprawling Brisbane metropolis there is plenty of outdoor activity available to keep the people of Brisbane occupied and just as many ways for the focussed promo products marketer can connect with Queenslanders. A fast growing city with growing real estate values, Brisbane is a city which looks ahead confidently while continuing to attract attention from investors in a wide range of industries. Brisbane residents respond to well structured promotional offers and using branded products to enhance business relationships generates long-term gains from investment. Promotional products Brisbane people react positively to are practical and effective reflecting the no-nonsense way of life in the Sunshine State.


Different to the eastern states and almost exactly 4,000km west of Sydney, Perth is a remote place as anyone who’s made the drive will tell you. Resting on the shores of the Indian Ocean Perth and the vast state of Western Australia it services rely on large scale mining, engineering and broad-acre agriculture as the mainstays of the local economy. To return positively against your budget any promotional material you source should demonstrate a local focus. As Western Australia is the largest state of the Australian commonwealth and much of the industry which drives its economy is decentralised the lead times for deliveries can extend if delivery is required further north to the iron ore and offshore gas producing regions. Promotional products Perth people appreciate combine style and substance; something which stands out from the usual custom branded items seen on the east coast which demonstrate the uniqueness of the Perth and its population.


Business promotion and marketing is an essential brand building activity for every growing company. The right selection of branded promo merchandise is a proven way to leverage a higher return from available budgets. As a way to enhance the bottom line - which is a reality few people can avoid for an extended time - even a fool could increase sales of a product with an unlimited marketing budget.Promotional advertising products have been around since the late 19th century. Looking for an advantage an enterprising American company began to offer the retailers of their town the chance to add their brand details to cotton bags. The advantages of promotional marketing revealed themselves almost immediately and the idea quickly expanded to other companies, towns and product ranges. It was only a matter of a decade before custom promotional products became a trusted marketing element of entrepreneurial businesses.


When questioned 83% of chief executives and senior marketing managers said promotional gifts are an essential part of their company’s marketing program while over 45% of respondents believed their use had caused a 10% incremental increase in sales. Given that as much as half of company’s communications strategy and amongst organisations with market leading shares of sales the use of branded products is critical in increasing company turn-over and profitability. In difficult times when economic activity is slowing and sales and profitability momentum trend down the personal elements of branded products provide leverage to the budget expenditure. Respondents believe that the ability to accurately match products to exactly the right person within an organisation is a means of efficiently using budget, far beyond what is possible with general media advertising.The general advantages of promotional items was recognised by 62% of the marketing managers interviewed. It was generally accepted that the advantages of promotional product marketing went far beyond the initial appeal of a personal gift and effectively utilised could secure new contacts and clients, encourage loyalty amongst existing customers and to create a general level of goodwill between people within and outside the business.

Amongst professional marketers 78% were of the opinion that promo gifts had a greater effective life span than any other marketing media. Chosen to become a part of the regular business day of recipients the right product ensured message delivery function which continued across the product’s effective life span.With brand recall in mind the same research confirmed that 71% of business people surveyed at an international airport recalled receiving a promotional product from a supplier sometime in the last 12 months. This result was highlighted by the stunning result that 34% of people being interviewed had the product with them while travelling! 76% of respondents reported they kept the item for at least a year while three quarters of respondents reported the promotional product they received was favoured because of its usefulness. The same people were asked about general media advertising and almost 80% of respondents reported they had read a newspaper or magazine in the last week, yet only 53% could name a single advertiser.