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With over 10,000 custom branded promotional items on offer Fresh Promotions has Australia's largest online range. From timeless ideas like pens and notepads through to flash drives, stress balls, air fresheners and bottled water you'll find all the product ideas you need here in our one stop online shop. Whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane or Perth our express freight and branding services ensure your order is in your hands when you need it. Call Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 right now to speak with a promotion consultant. Tell us about the merchandise ideas you're after - we'll find them and brand them for you!

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Megan Treuberg

We just received the wallets, they look wonderful. Thank you to everyone there at Fresh Promotions Australia!  I have receipted the Invoice and sent all paperwork through to my accoun ...

- Megan Treuberg
Sabina Nowak

We recently had a major presentation for supporters and volunteers of our agency. We needed gifts for these people who had worked hard and given of their time for our organisation. We didn't ...

- Sabina Nowak

The Right Promotional Material Builds Your Brand

An successful organisation is defined by the level and affect of its promotion. Expanding market share and profitability are the prime objectives of any business. While it's impossible to ever be sure of the return on investment of element of your promotional activity switched-on marketers are always looking for new to increase awarness of their brands. The search for the the elusive "sweet spot" where marketing cost is exceeded by additional margin is the objective. Experience tells us there is no formula which guarantees success so not placing all your eggs in one basket and considering the emotional and relationship building aspects of branded merchandise is a key ingredient in increasing return on investment

There are a lot of ways your company can use promotional material and a lot of reasons to do so - as many reasons as companies have to market themselves in the first place. As the business world becomes more concentrated online it can seem that a simple, tangible product carrying your brand is an old fashioned, outdated way in which to promote products or services. However research shows that in a disconnected age when personal interaction has been reduced to a fraction of what it was a decade ago the simple act of offering people a solid, physical product carrying an offer or message has the ability to leverage a greater return from an electronic communication strategy.

Some times it's hard to calculate the impact of individual elements of your marketing strategy. None-the-less there are a few rules which have proven over time. First, all elements of a company's strategy must work in unison. It's been proven time and time again that an investment in branded merchandise pays off at the highest rate with integration into the overall promotional structure. For instance, when an item is chosen and distributed to potential customers the impact of the gift is doubled when it references the advertising message. A virtuous loop can develop when the discipline of ensuring your range of marketing activities is synchronous. The right merchandise carrying the right message increases peoples' awareness of an over-arching message. Advertise at a societal level, promote at the personal and you get a feedback loop which is proven to enhance your results.

Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Delivery

With a range of over 10,000 products available on this site there's something for every company and every region of Australia. Depending on the season the requirements of Brisbane and Melbourne can be entirely different but the range of items available covers every season and opportunity. If you're planning an event in Sydney and are looking for a great value item to carry your branding and message it may be different to the merchandise idea you'd choose for a similar event in Perth or Adelaide. This is where the Fresh experts can assist you in making the right decision. From the thousands of products available we can advise you based on our experience in dealing with tens of thousands of other companies and the feedback we receive from them. So next time you're planning to run a promotion in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne and are unsure how to choose a product to maximise the return on your marketing investment give us a call and take advantage of the extensive experience we have in coordinating successful promotional campaigns across Australia.