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With over 10,000 custom branded promotional items on offer Fresh Promotions has Australia's largest online range. From timeless ideas like pens and notepads through to flash drives, stress balls, air fresheners and bottled water you'll find all the product ideas you need here in our one stop online shop. Whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane or Perth our express freight and branding services ensure your order is in your hands when you need it. Call Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 right now to speak with a promotion consultant. Tell us about the merchandise ideas you're after - we'll find them and brand them for you!

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CLIENT TESTIMONIALS For our promotional Items

Elizabeth Oram

Thought you might like to know that the wooden puzzles were a great hit at the soiree we held last night.  People fiddled with them throughout the event and none were left behind afterw ...

- Elizabeth Oram
Ben Palmer

I'm pleased to say the fish were a huge hit at our trade show last week, so much so that we would like to order some more! I was also very happy with the legibility of the print, and in fact ...

- Ben Palmer

How Promotional Products build your brand

A successful company with a pattern of growth and forward momentum is often defined by the level and affect of its promotion. Any company which hopes to expand by increasing market share and profit needs to consider all the fields of marketing because each has an individual contribution. While it's impossible to ever be sure of the return on investment of any particular part of your promotional activity the savvy marketer must always look for new opportunities with which they can increase the exposure of their brands. The search for the the elusive "sweet spot" where cost is exceeded by additional margin is the objective. While there is no formula which guarantees success, not placing all your eggs in one basket and considering the emotional and relationship building aspects of branded merchandise is a key ingredient in increasing return on investment

There are a lot of ways your company can use promotional products and a lot of reasons to use them, as many reasons as companies decide to market in the first place. With the business world becoming more concentrated online every day it can seem that a simple physical product carrying your brand is an old fashioned, outdated way in which to promote your brand, products or services. The fact is research shows that in a disconnected age when personal interaction at a business level between people has been reduced to a fraction of what it was a decade ago the simple expedient of offering people a solid, tangible product carrying an offer or brand message is more effective and has the ability to leverage a greater return from a larger-scale electronic communication strategy.

While it's difficult to assess the impact of individual elements of your marketing strategy there are none-the-less some rules which have proven to work over time. First, all elements of a company's strategy to be working in unison.  It's been proven time and time again that an investment in branded merchandise pays off at the highest rate when it is successfully integrated into the overall message structure. For instance, when a branded item is chosen and distributed to potential customers the impact of the gift is doubled when it references the advertising message. A virtuous loop can develop if a marketing organisation has the discipline to ensure their complete range of activities is synchronous. The right items carrying the right message increase peoples' awareness of a general advertising message and return on investment. Advertise at a societal level, promote at the personal and you get a feedback loop which enhances the results for both.