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Fellow Marketeers,

Has it ever struck you that the internet is a sea of dubious claims of excellence? Every second site you visit is "the best" or "the cheapest" or "the best and the cheapest". In the past we've been guilty of making these claims. You'll probably still find a few of these statements on the Fresh Promotions site which we're working to remove.

While rewriting the website over the last few months I realised these claims were self defeating. They are not evidence of excellence, rather, evidence of a lack of confidence. Our proud claims were a failure to focus on who we really are and our real strengths. Looking up from writing another spiel about our multi-faceted genius I had a moment of clarity. Around the Fresh Promotions office I saw our dedicated staff; a phone in one ear, typing furiously, gesturing across the office to each other for help and support which was freely given and gratefully received. The scales fell from my eyes to reveal the real strength of our company. Not a website, not clever tricks on-line, but the depth of knowledge, commitment and passion of a team of people who care about their clients and are proud of the job they do.

Commitment to an Honest Business Relationship

By industry standards Fresh Promotions' success rate is something to be proud of, but things go wrong. So much of the"business" day we seem to be putting out spot-fires. While we've failed to provide the service and quality of product we should at times, our commitment to you is to admit and make good our mistakes. To discuss openly and fairly any concerns you raise and to the best of our abilities provide honest and open answers. We can't always give you what you want but we promise to be fair and truthful in dealing with you.

How Can We Help You Grow Your Business?

For a long time I didn't believe in selling promotional products.  But you know what? After 30 years working in communications I have found no other option which offers superior return on investment. It's an honourable business. For the price of an advertisement in the Yellow Pages you get boxes of something real. As traditional advertising fades away and our personal business relationships are conducted in a digital cloud the products our industry provides are a way to personalise an increasingly impersonal business world.



Bill McGrath