Aprons Custom Logo Branded


Custom made promotional aprons are one of the most popular garment lines we produce. With the heightened interest in home cooking and stirring pots which has come with the growth in entertainment media's focus on making and consuming food, promotional aprons in all forms are a great way for a food or food services orientated company to offer a custom promotional gift which will be regularly used while displaying their corporate colours prominently.

    using Promotional Aprons in Marketing & Promotions

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    Aprons may be used in the home, or in a dining establishment, and when branded, they can place a company name or logo in a very visible moving location. Branding on aprons is typically placed on the front of each piece, and as the wearer moves about kitchen or dining room, it is the logo adorning the apron that will be noticed by all sharing a meal in the same location.

    Aprons can be best appreciated by those in the hospitality and food distribution industries, as these are products that will attract those who enjoy having a good meal either out and about or in their own homes. These pieces can even be used as part of a uniform for restaurant workers, and this can create a professional and united appearance to any establishment’s staff. Both cook and wait staff aprons may be chosen from and branded, to allow for an entire workforce to wear matching branded aprons appropriate for their particular jobs. For personal use, aprons are often worn during cookouts or while preparing large meals, and in these situations recipients are likely to have guests joining them in their homes. As a recipient wears their apron while in their kitchen or backyard, their friends and families will be exposed to the branding on the pieces as well, allowing the brand to market themselves to even wider audiences.

    Manufacture & Branding options

    Aprons can be made from a variety of washable and reliable materials, to give employees or other recipients a great deal of clean and convenient use. These aprons may also be designed with pockets as well as tools to provide a way for recipients to have everything they need close at hand during professional or personal use.

    A promotional apron may be made from a variety of different fabrics, and aprons made of denim may even be branded to allow for a fashionable and functional piece. The fabrics used in apron manufacture are all chosen with easy washing and durability in mind. Screen printing and embroidery are the two most common print options for aprons, and the branding area on these products is centrally located to ensure the logo is noticed. Screen printing prints a chosen design onto the front of the apron, while embroidery allows branding to be stitched into the fabric of the product. Embroidery is typically the longest lasting branding print choice, as embroidery will remain visible through unlimited washes and many years of use.

    Apron Promotional Activity Case Study

    A local cafe implemented branded aprons into their professional uniforms, and both cooks and wait staff members had appropriate aprons for their particular jobs. The staff reported feeling more unified while all were wearing their branded aprons, and the pockets on the pieces allowed all tools, straws, napkins, and condiments to be carried conveniently which was found to improve productivity.

    Shipping, Storage & Distribution

    Aprons are not large or heavy items, and this allows them to be shipped affordably wherever their end destination may be. For a distribution method with maximum impact, giving aprons to recipients by hand is recommended.

    Minimal Price: $5.80