Australian Lapel Pins & Badges

Australian Lapel Pins are a great way to brand your company or fly the Aussie flag overseas. Our complete range of Australian flag lapel pins includes the state flags of each of the original Australian colonies and also of course our marsupial friends, amongst them the Kangaroo, Koala and Platypus. If you're entertaining visitors from another country, or are an Australian company doing the hard yards overseas, there is an Australian lapel pin style here which will do the trick, in building international bridges for your company and clearly labelling you as coming from the greatest little country in the Southern Hemisphere.

    using Australian Lapel Pins in Marketing & Promotions

    As well as reproducing the local flora and fauna as is the case with our ever popular kangaroo lapel pins and our range of Aussie inspired flags we can produce custom Australian lapel pins of any product or design you care to mention. Or, indeed we can produce any sort of custom promotional merchandise you want to match your Aussie theme. Say you're after an image of one of our world famous surfers hanging ten down the side of Uluru. Not only can Fresh Promotions Australian pins and badges division have them made at the right price, we can even design it for you for free, mate.

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    Using Australian Lapel Pins Ito Promote Your Brand

    Aussie lapel pins give a brand the opportunity to represent their country and their brand simultaneously while in the office, travelling on business, or taking a personal trip. A lapel pin is often used to bring a touch of elegant flair to a suit jacket, and both men and women can wear these pieces appropriately with business or more formal attire. An Aussie lapel pin may come in a multitude of different Australia related shapes, and kangaroos, boomerangs, koala bears, or Australian flags are just some of the options available with these highly versatile items.

    When a chosen recipient wears their branded Aussie lapel pin, it will stick out amongst their jacket and business attire, automatically drawing the eye to the area for further investigation. These small pieces are highly effective in marketing due to the way they are able to catch attention in a subtle and non-invasive way. An Aussie lapel pin can be used by those in the travel or transportation industries as well as those who work in Australian corporate offices, and recipients can wear their pins to a variety of locations in order to garner attention from as many audiences as possible.

    Australian Lapel Pins Manufacture

    Brass, bronze, aluminium, or steel will typically make up the metal base for Aussie Lapel pins, and enamel may be added to create a colour element to the product. These chosen manufacture material options give Aussie lapel pins a way to stand out on a suit jacket, while still allowing them to be refined enough to remain appropriate in a professional setting.

    The print area on an Aussie lapel pin may rest on the face of the pin, or make up the entirety of the pin, and these areas are the spaces reserved for a brand's chosen logo or design. A custom Aussie lapel pin will allow the brand to have control over the shape and branding on their pin, while a standard option will allow a logo or name to be applied to an already created design. Laser engraving is the most common print method with Aussie lapel pins, and this sophisticated print method uses laser technology to engrave a company's branding into the pin's metal surface. Laser engraved branding is also branding that will last for the lifetime of the pin, allowing a brand's design to be on display for many years.

    Aussie Lapel Pins Case Study

    An Australian airline company decided to adorn all of their employees'; uniforms with a branded Aussie lapel pin in order to show pride in their area as well as their company. Guests flying on the airline from all over the world would notice the pins and compliment wearers during their flight, leading the airline to begin selling the pins in their gift shops with much success.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Aussie lapel pins may be shipped affordably and conveniently due to their small size. For a more personal presentation, however, giving these products by hand in a branded gift box is often recommended.

    Aussie Lapel Pins
    Minimal Price: $3.70