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Like cowboys and their trusty steeds people have an emotional attachment to their cars, trucks and motor vehicles which makes automotive promotional gifts a marketing idea to invest in. Popular across the board, car & auto gifts will find a regular place in your clients' lives, at home or at work. Everyone these days has a car or needs to use a vehicle for business, so trade-off the pride people feel in their automobile and make your brand a part of their every day commute. No matter what your market and message auto gift ideas are amongst the most popular and effective across the board. With car usage and ownership increasing year on year along with the financial investment required to maintain a vehicle, every auto gift received helps keep things moving. Do your research on the wants and needs of your target market and you'll find it's hard to go past one of our car gifts as a vehicle for your brand offer.

    Using Auto Gifts in Marketing & Promotion

    There are many reason why one would use a promotional auto gift, and one of which is just how much time the average person spends in their car. In Australia, and globally, people will generally spend at least two periods of time in their cars, and likely more. The amount of time the average person spends in their vehicle can also be the amount of time a person may use or notice a particular promotional auto gift. For those who have business cars, an even greater amount of time is spent driving or occupying a passenger's seat in a vehicle, and during this time these products are able to be seen, used, and appreciated should the item serve a particular desired purpose. Auto gifts are a particular type of promotional item that can really travel with the user. These gifts are meant to be placed or kept in a car and used during travel in some way, giving these promotional items an optimal opportunity to be read, noticed, and recognised.

    An auto gift that will enhance the driving experience or make travel more pleasant is ideal in personal marketing, as these gifts will serve a particular purpose. These gifts may be simple, like a sunglass clip to provide a level of convenience, or a safety kit to provide peace of mind in case of an emergency situation.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Depending on the class or version of a particular product, auto gifts can be made from a vast array of different materials to suit many needs. Each material, however, is made to be durable, allowing these gifts to travel safely.

    Auto gifts may be branded in several different ways depending on the specific item. For smaller or less expensive auto gifts, a pad printing method will be used to brand each item. If the item is larger, such as windscreen visors, branding will be placed on each item using screen printing. In cases of metal auto gifts, engraving is used to brand each gift for promotion.

    Primarily male dominated industries such as business, engineering, or transport will often appreciate car related gifts. However, since the amount of car drivers or owners in Australia is very high, a great deal of people from a varied audience can enjoy the use of a gift meant for their vehicle. These auto gifts are manufactured to offer an exclusive experience, allowing each gift to perfectly represent a company.

    Automotive Gifts Case Study

    In one case study involving auto gifts as promotional items, a dashboard note holder was customised to represent a local Australian radio station. The note holders were made to promote a new radio show occurring on the station at a certain time, and the presence of the items in the car would remind listeners to tune into this show during their daily drives.

    Auto Gifts
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