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Custom car products are ideal for a range of marketing campaigns. Obviously, if you're in the automobile industry, these products are a part of your daily marketing activity and are known generators of leads and repeat sales. Giving away an item as simple as a roadside car breakdown kit with newly purchased, leased or rented vehicles is a gesture to your clients that you care. The pay-off is that when a motoring crisis occurs your reputation will be enhanced. Making lemonade out of lemons is what promotions is all about and a classic example of the strengths a well chosen product can add to a campaign.

    Automotive & Transport Promotional Products Drive Your Budget Further

    It's not just the car industry which can get mileage from auto promotional products, every business which trades or provides goods needs a transport story. Or you can simply cash in on the fact most people have an emotional attachment to their cars or trucks. The canny marketer knows to trade off the emotional commitment of consumers - in this case the average Aussie's love affair with the automobile. Australia is a nation of car drivers despite the attempts of governments in Australia to push us all into a bus or a meandering train. In the chase for business profits genuine branded car accessories will always find a prominent place. With our wide open spaces and love of the outdoors using transport promotional gear is proven to engage your audience and deliver genuine marketing return.

    If you're in the auto industry or work in travel you can stop reading right now because you already know how effective transport themed branded merchandise can be in reaching and tapping the market. Car dealers have been using items like windshield sunscreens for years to turn their clients' cars into moving advertising space. Even something as simple as the keyring they hand over when you take delivery of a new vehicle is a proven way to keep their details in front of you at a negligible cost. In fact, the US auto industry has for many years been one of the largest consumers of promo gear. They worked out decades ago that a well selected gift with logo had the doubly beneficial effects of recall and positive emotional association which are to this day the hallmarks of a successful campaign. If it 's still working for the Ford Motor Company, far be if from us to disagree.

    Who is a prospect for promotional auto gifts?

    While we've covered usage by the car industry custom vehicle gifts can work for almost any category of industry for many of the same reasons. Simple ideas like license plate frames or spare tyre covers increase brand visibility. The people you see riding about on scooters towing a mobile billboard charge thousands of dollars to put your logo on display. The right auto branding opportunity gives you kudos from clients who unwittingly take your gift and become long-term unpaid ambassadors. Potential customers will see your company name, logo, and slogan in parking lots and on the road.

    But we know it's not just about visibility. By carefully selecting items with both an emotional and practical edge your branded auto gifts can leverage sales and brand equity. A classic example would be first aid kits. They have a value in the car or in the office, most have a prominent branding area and in handing them out they take the message with them that your company values safety and preparedness. And when your customers are in a tight spot and the contents of the kit come in useful it's inevitable that the reputation of your brand will be enhanced given your foresight in providing an item which has proven itself to be personally valuable.

    There are dozens of promotional auto items which tick these same marketing boxes. Tyre gauges, for instance promote fuel efficiency, extend tyre life and are much appreciated by 4WD enthusiasts who often adjust tyre pressure depending on conditions. You don't have to be operating a car wash, garage or petrol station to see a way to use this class of merchandise effectively.

    Don't forget auto gifts are also about fun....

    The art of promotional marketing isn't just about finding something at the right budget in the right colour. Done well, promotions are fun and that should always be at the back of your mind when looking for ideas. Even better if you can combine a little whimsy with a practical device like air fresheners that combine a bit of creativity and dimension which can give added reach to your marketing plan. Nearly any shape, design, colour or size you can dream up can be produced as well as a long list of crazy fragrances. Beer flavour? Roast chicken? Imagine a hamburger shape hanging from the rear-vision mirror with a wafting BBQ aroma......feel like visiting the drive-thru? That's what we mean by having fun and leveraging your budget in ways traditional advertising can't achieve.

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