Promotional Backpacks Custom Printed & Branded


For schools, clubs or enjoying the great outdoors, promotional backpacks are a cost effective and practical idea. With the natural world and the outdoors featuring more and more in the everyday lives of the population it makes sense to add an item like a backpack to the marketing materials list. Because good quality custom backpacks have a spill-over usage into the out-of-business-hours world, adding them to the marketing mix is something which can leverage your promotional investment to another level. Whether you're planning an expedition into the wilderness or simply looking for an ergonomic backpack style for school kids the range available here includes everything from cheap drawstring models with full colour custom branding through to high end back packs made of the latest hi-tech materials.

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    Using Promotional Backpacks in Marketing & Promotions

    The cheap backpack range available here covers everything from the simplest giveaway pack models through to high end hiking backpacks and hydration designs which make ideal partners for those challenging the outdoors. All complete with personalised branding there is a promotional backpack style here to suit every business and club use. FreeCall now on 1800 129 999 to speak with our backpacks expert about the styles and branding options available.

    Why use Custom Branded Backpacks in Marketing?

    The average backpack is worn on a person’s back with the front of the pack facing whoever may be walking or standing behind them, and this aspect makes these products highly visible in terms of marketing. These products are appropriate for business use, leisure, or activities such as sporting events, which gives them the benefit of appealing to a wide range of individuals. Due to the quality of each backpack, they also tend to have a very long lifetime, and many are passed from family member to family member as the need for a quality backpack arises, giving a particular brand maximum exposure. Backpacks are an item that is typically used by everyone, and this also makes them ideal as promotional pieces. The way a backpack is worn also allows them to be highly visible in any situation.

    The sporty nature of backpacks causes them to travel well to and from the gym or other activities, and these can be given to members of a staff to encourage activity or a team fitness program. Also, gyms or fitness centres may offer branded backpacks to their members as a promotional sign-up incentive. Backpacks aren’t only appropriate for fitness situations, however, and they may be effectively used to hold catalogues or other hand-out materials at a trade show or company event in order to spark further interest. Clubs may also use these badges for security or team-building purposes by offering all club members their own enamel badge.

    Due to their fitness appeal, backpacks are always appreciated by those in the sporting field, however they are popular with economically friendly or green businesses as well as they encourage going out and enjoying time in the outdoors. Other industries found to appreciate promotional backpacks are transport businesses, those working in administration, or those working in education.

    Backpack Manufacture & Branding?

    A backpack may be made from a multitude of different materials depending on the desired use of the backpack; however some popular materials are woven nylon or other types of waterproof synthetic materials with a light weight. For a sleeker and more sophisticated look better suited for indoor use, exotic leather is also a material option.

    Promotional backpacks can allow for 3 different types of artwork. One type of artwork style commonly used is embroidery, followed by large scale screen printing, and woven cloth patches may even be applied to each backpack to combine 2 types of promotional items into one highly effective marketing gift. Specific backpack design features as well as custom colour combinations may be made to order to suit any brand.

    Case Study

    A bus line gave customers who purchased a 1 year pass a free promotional backpack to show their appreciation for paying in advance. This promotion drummed up excitement over the bus passes, and customers were seen wearing the branded backpacks as much as 5 years later.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Due to their bulkier shape backpacks are more economically efficient to distribute by hand rather than to ship to recipients.

    Minimal Price: $4.00