Promotional Badge Reels & Custom Retractable Badge Holders


Keep your essential security items close at hand using promotional badge reels. These handy spring-loaded lanyards are an essential item in offices and buildings with high security screening. Keep you ID cards handy for scanning and your keys in a secure and accessible position. Perfect for conference attendees as an alternative to traditional lanyards styles, badge reels are a simple, convenient and cunningly designed item which have uses in most businesses. If you don't like the traditional neck lanyard and concerns it may become tangled a badge reel allows you to attach to your belt, handbag or pocket for trouble free use. In these situations a spring loaded badge reel is a more convenient option

    Using Badge Reels in Marketing & Promotions

    Badge reels can be used to adorn employees with identification or to uphold security measures within an office building, and placing branding on these items is an excellent way to turn a badge reel into a professional looking marketing piece. As an employee walks about an office building, gaining entry into certain rooms or departments may require the scanning of an ID card, and a badge reel can keep their cards in a convenient location for easy use. Also, as the employee walks about the office performing their daily tasks, the branding on the badge reel can be seen by clients, partners, or those who may work or other companies in the same building location, allowing a brand to promote themselves while providing a useful item.

    Those in the healthcare industry and those that work in a corporate office building can appreciate the use of promotional badge reels, as these types of employees will often require a certain level of clearance in order to enter certain areas of their workplace. If a team of staff members requires identification cards, even if these cards are not used for security purposes, branded badge reels may also be used to display them easily on clothing.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Badge reels can come in simple designs or custom made piece, and these can be used to hold identification cards as well as pens or useful small items that may need to be kept on hand during professional situations. Most badge reels are made from a combination of hard plastic and metal materials in order to hold the product onto a shirt or pair of pants and last through many years of use.

    The branding area on a badge reel is located on the front of the piece, where the string is often stored, and this allows the company’s logo or name to stand out no matter where these products may be placed. Whether a recipient chooses to wear the products on their shirt, on a jacket, or on the belt of a pair of pants, the branding will always be optimally visible. Pad printing is often used to apply branding to promotional badge reels, and this transfers a brand’s logo or design directly to the surface of the badge reel face. Pad printing typically allows for a single colour print on these items; however additional colours may be used depending on the style chosen and a desired design.

    Badge Reel Marketing Case Study

    A corporate office looking to improve the professional lives of employees handed out promotional badge reels to each staff member in order to assist them in keeping their identification cards handy. The cards were used to not only identify, but to allow certain employees into different areas of the building, and the badge reels proved to be a large hit with all recipients.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Badge reels are not large or weighty items, and they may be shipped to recipients affordably even when bulk quantities are ordered.

    Badge Reels
    Minimal Price: $1.75