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Promotional badges are everywhere. If you don't believe us, next time you see one of our noble leaders strutting the world stage, avoid the urge to switch channels and instead carefully scrutinise the lapel of their perfectly tailored jacket. Most likely you'll see a promotional badge in place: either a flag, a service badge or another subtle reminder of a cause or upcoming event. That the leaders of the free world can find a place on their person for a custom badge says a lot about the advantages inherent in using these classic personalised items in your awareness and brand marketing activity. Clubs, service organisations and the military have known this for years but these same badge advantages can also have a positive effect on your business.Withe the Fresh promotions free badge design service, express manufacture and low set-up and die making costs you can order badges for your company or organisation without breaking your budget and best of all they're items which will last a lifetime and because they're custom made will always be exclusive and unique

    Using Custom Made Badges in Marketing & Promotions

    A Badge can be almost anything you want it to be. But regardless of their final use and the groups to which they may be distributed one thing remains the same - badges are great value. From name tags which become a daily part of your employees' work uniforms through to award badges for clubs and organisations the fundamental details of badge usage are the same. Positioned in the mind of recipients somewhere between jewellery and a fashion item people keep them for years and they don't deteriorate with age.

    Our Free Badge Design Service takes the hassle out of translating your logo or design idea into a finished product. Just send us a sketch, or explain what you want by email or phone and let us do the rest. Promo badges are one of our favourite categories of specially manufactured product. They're great value and it's a rare thing to see a logo, product or slogan which doesn't translate onto one of these attention-grabbers.

    Why Promotional Badges are a Marketing Must Have

    Dividing up the marketing budget is a matter of balancing competing opportunities and costs. How many people will see this ad? What is the publication cycle of the magazine in which it appears? What is the estimated cost per view? The art of advertising is all about bang for your bucks but it is almost impossible to make any clear predications about ROI beyond the end of the week. Except... if you decide to have some badges made. Read on as we present the case for promotional badges to be a part of your over-arching marketing strategy.

    Badges are cheap and for custom made products company badges are in a value class all their own. Sure, they are generally small but that didn't ever stop Tiffanys from charging plenty for pretty much the same thing? Considering the skill, craftsmanship and the capital costs required to be a badge manufacturer a final price around the same as a plastic pen for each unit seems like a bargain. When you layer on the other cost considerations like longevity and effectiveness you quickly conclude that putting aside a sliver of the overall promotional spend is not such a bad idea.

    Use Promotional Badges for Awareness and as Awards

    Different badge styles for different activities Depending on the style of custom made badge you choose and the quantity you can either make an instant splash or a long-term, slow building impression. If you're running a retail campaign, a classic point-of-sale technique is to give each staff member on the shop floor a button badge featuring the sales message or some other call to action (ie. "Ask Me!"). But if the local mayor drops by it would be better to hand over a finer detailed die struck badge which can be attached to a suit jacket lapel. For sports clubs and community organisations a small enamel badge can be used as an award for outstanding performance, as a sign of authority or office, a subtle salute to fellow members of the organisation or simply as an always-on-the-ready gift for affiliates or anyone who may drop in at short notice.

    Staff and membership awards are reinforced when accompanied by a badge

    Throw yourself against the enemy's bayonets and you may be lucky enough to be rewarded by having metal badges pinned to your chest. They're also keen on custom cloth patches which brand and identify members in uniform. It's never been the case that anyone has rejected such an award on the basis it's only worth a couple of dollars. On the contrary, they are highly prized and cherished mementos as well as visible signs of rank and status. There's no reason you can't enjoy the same leverage using promotional badges for your company or club and you don't even have to declare war. Also, years of service pins and office holder badges can be a great way to contain costs. Handing them out is a lot cheaper than cash bonuses or pay rises when economic conditions are tough.

    Turning your logo into a badge is easy

    Just leave the design to us.... We deal with one of the largest badge manufacturers in the world and have negotiated free design work for all clients. This means you can tap into their hundreds of years of badge maker's experience in wholesale badge manufacture. A lot of people come to us confused about how to turn their idea into a finished product. All we need to proceed is an explanation of your vision. Soon after we'll email you a finished design for approval. We've produced promotional badges for the local under 9's soccer team and the Governor General. If it's good enough for the New Farm Pythons - or for that matter Her Majesty's representative down under - one is correct in anticipating one's own high standards will be met.

    Minimal Price: $1.00