Balloons Custom Printed With Your Logo

What can we say about balloons that hasn't been said before? Everyone loves a balloon and they're a sure fire way to add colour, excitement and fun to any event. From a birthday party to the anointing of board members, every company can find a reason for the staff to sit around together inflating party balloons in anticipation of a celebration.

    Using Balloons in Marketing & Promotions

    Custom printed balloons are usually supplied with a single coloured print and are available in three basic styles; latex, plain rubber and metallic. All three styles are great branding media and are available in a range of sizes so whether you're handing them out to kids at a sales day or decking the halls with printed promotional balloons, your business can't go wrong. If you need to learn anything more about balloons FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 now and speak to one of our consultants about style, branding and delivery options.

    Balloons Brighten Up Any Event

    Printed balloons can act as something of a beacon for a brand, and these promotional items may be used by child and adult audiences alike. A balloon is most commonly used in situations such as children’s events or parties, or even corporate gatherings, and these can really set the mood for any type of celebration. A balloon may even be used to mark the way to an event, so that guests can know they are travelling in the right direction or into the proper building. Balloons are highly noticeable items, and also exceptionally inexpensive. When branding is placed on a balloon it can be noticed by attendees and passers-by with only a glance, and the images placed on these items will then be recognised as well. If a brand wishes to market themselves on a limited budget, promotional balloons attract just the attention a company is looking for with a branded product and for a fraction of the price.

    Balloons are commonly given out at children’s events or places that provide services to children as well. The fun and floating nature of a balloon naturally attracts the curiosity of children, and a business may provide children who come into their establishment with a branded balloon as a promotional gift. When a child then walks about an area with their balloon, the branding placed on the product will then attract eyes of all audiences. Balloons may be used appropriately by any type of brand, and those in education to those in food service may benefit from marketing with these items.

    Manufacture & Branding

    The two most common materials used in promotional balloon manufacture are Mylar foil and latex. Latex balloons are classic balloon options with the traditional look and texture of a party balloon, and Mylar products are those created using a shiny and highly durable foil material. The highly reflective nature of Mylar foil allows these balloons to often garner the most attention. Balloons may also be manufactured in a special or traditional shape as well, and oval balloons or shaped balloons, such as hearts, may be chosen to suit a brand’s desired need. Screen printing is used to adorn balloons with brand images or messaging, and this process gives a brand a way to market in colour. A full coloured print onto a balloon can help to make the branding on the piece easily readable, thereby helping to spread the word.

    Balloons Case Study

    A restaurant handed out branded balloons to children of families who came to eat in their establishment. The balloons made both parents and kids happy, and as children walked about after their meal, the logo for the restaurant was made visible to all they encountered, thereby telling other potential patrons that the restaurant was family friendly.

    Promotional Balloons Shipping & Distribution

    When not filled, balloons are incredibly small and exceptionally easy to ship. Promotional balloons may be shipped to recipients or locations in vast numbers without driving up shipping costs or adding significant weight. For the final distribution of a filled balloon, handing to recipients personally is recommended.

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