Promotional Bar Accessories Custom Branded


Custom beverage accessories are a promotional favourite. There are so many different accessories that you can invest in for your restaurant, bar, club, resort, hotel or hospitality company or for other business category because everyone loves a drink and the conviviality which comes with it. You can even customise promotional bar products for an insurance company or financial services business because everyone appreciates the right custom branded product which will improve their drinking and entertainment experience

    Using Bar Accessories in Marketing & Promotions

    With beverage accessories, everyone can get more out of their marketing and it's really going to be up to you to find better solutions for less. These accessories fit the bill for so many marketing tools and are even great just to keep on hand for your own use. Be sure to check out the selection for yourself and think about what you can get from your marketing with these customisable tools. Your organisation, sports team, school, fundraising group, and even wedding party can use these accessories to make an impression and get the word out about your event, occasion, or group that deserves recognition or appreciation.

    Why Promotional Bar Accessories Are Popular

    Promotional bar accessories may be used in personal or public bars, and any chosen tool may be branded to represent a particular company. In terms of marketing, these items may appeal to a wide range of people, and when used in a personal or professional setting, they can place a brand just where they want to be in the minds of the consumer. Home bars and public bars are places for entertaining, and this means that sizeable groups of individuals will gather around a bar to celebrate events and enjoy time with one another. When any type of bar accessories are branded, an establishment or company can put their names into the minds of the consumer in a subtle way that also relates their brand to feelings of positivity and celebration; a marketing strategy proven to be effective time and time again. Branded bar accessories of all prices may be chosen from, and all marketing budgets can be satisfied using these items. An affordable or inexpensive bar accessory can even give a brand the exposure they desire without costing too much to do so, creating a situation where an accessory may pay for itself in the attention it is able to garner.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Bar mats, glass water bottles, party tubs, and cocktail shakers are just some of the bar accessory products that a brand has to choose from, and these are bar accessories to suit any particular marketing budget. These products may be made from glass, metal, rubber, plastic, or disposable materials depending on what type of promotional item a brand may have in mind.

    Screen printing, laser engraving, or pad printing may be used to place branding onto an item, and the method of printing used will be determined by the materials used in the products themselves. Laser engraving is most commonly used on metal products, and this method allows a brand’s image or logo to be etched into the surface of the product, allowing the item to remain optimally branded for its entire lifetime. Screen and pad printing places a logo or company name onto the accessory items, and with these options a selection of colours may be chosen. A single colour print or prints with multiple colours can adorn these items in highly visible locations to provide a maximum branding impact.

    Case Study : Using Bar Accessories to Build Sales

    A bar wanting to spruce up their decor added branded bar accessories to their list of new furnishings and decorations. Customers and staff members alike noted how professional the branded accessories made the establishment feel, and this new look created an onslaught of new patrons. Bartenders were also impressed with the quality of the items, and preferred their use over their old accessory line.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Smaller bar accessories are able to be shipped affordably across Australia or worldwide, as these have lower weights even in bulk numbers. Larger bar accessories, however, may not be able to be shipped within a reasonable budget, and this calls for these pieces to often need hand distribution.

    Bar Accessories
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