Promotional BBQ Sets & Barbecue Tools Custom Printed


Nothing says summer in Australia like the wafting smell of grilling steak on a backyard barbecue. The extensive range of promotional barbecue sets available here with custom branding provides everything the Australian marketer needs to connect with your clients. From extensive custom barbecue tool sets with everything required to make you a masterchef through to simpler styles which can be provided in bulk at a low price. There's a style of promotional barbecue set which suits either promotional gifting, value added marketing or just as way to make a personal connection with a contact or business associate..

    Using Barbecue Set in Marketing & Promotions

    The complete range of BBQ sets can be branded with laser engraving or screen printing depending on style. Supplied in neat aluminium flight case or simply in a cloth sleeve that can be wrapped up and easily stored for use. The print options available ensure that whatever style you choose your branding will stand out like a porterhouse stead surrounded sausages. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the branding, delivery or promotional options available for our custom barbecue tools range call Fresh Promotions and speak one of our barbecue tool consultants who will give you the right advice on how to put a shrimp on your marketing barbie.

    Why You Should Use Barbecue Sets In Promotional Marketing

    A backyard barbecue is a popular setting for a warm weather get together, and when barbecue sets are branded, large groups of people can be exposed to a brand while enjoying their relaxing social activities. Branded barbecue sets can be best appreciated by those in the hospitality industry or food business when it comes to marketing, as these types of brands will want to reach audiences who enjoy preparing and sharing food with families or groups of guests.

    When a recipient uses their branded barbecue set at an outdoor event, all in attendance will be able to see and recognise the branding placed on each piece, putting the brand into their minds while they are feeling relaxed and comfortable. When branding is encountered while an audience is feeling their best, they will also feel better about the brand itself, as the pleasant feeling will be then associated with the brand they are exposed to. Branded barbecue sets can also make an excellent addition to company picnics, and executive sets are available to provide a branded barbecue set with a more refined look. A branded barbecue set used to prepare food at a company picnic or event can help to make the entire event look more professional while entertaining and feeding all of the guests in attendance.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Branded barbecue sets can be manufactured and branded to satisfy a variety of different budget related needs, and both affordable and executive options are available. Products in all price points are well made enough to withstand many years of use, while bearing branding that will place a company in the forefront on a useful item.

    The tools held inside barbecue sets are typically made from steel or a similar material, and wood may be used to accent the pieces and provide comfort to their users. For eco-friendly brands, environmentally sustainable bamboo may be used as an accent material on various barbecue tools, or as a case to enclose the tools in. The cases that hold barbecue sets together can be made from metal, wood, or various fabrics. Barbecue sets with fabric pouches or bags are often the most affordable sets on the market, with those in metal or wood perfectly suited for corporate gift options. Pad printing, full colour transfer, and laser engraving are three popular branding options with barbecue sets, and these are used to put brand logos or company names onto these items for maximum visibility.

    Promotional Case Study

    An outdoor supply store hosting a customer appreciation festival offered 10 branded barbecue sets as prizes for the 10 attendees with winning raffle numbers. The barbecue sets were so admired by guests that the brand decided to offer them as items for sale in their store, and their popularity quickly took off during the course of the summer.

    BBQ Set Shipping & Distribution

    Barbecue sets can be somewhat bulky and their weight causes them to be expensive to ship, making these items best suited for hand distribution to recipients.

    Barbecue Sets
    Minimal Price: $6.00