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As personal beauty products are a must-have for so many women, offering branded versions makes marketing sense. We all carry items on our personas which we need to look our best and anything which aids in managing or applying products for personal grooming and enhancing the appearance is a short-cut to promotional success. You decide from the range of beauty products on offer which are the best vehicles to ensure more people make sense of your vision and offers to the market

    Using Beauty products in Marketing & Promotions

    Think about what type of personal custom beauty products would be best for your market and their needs. All supplied with customised branding the range includes everything from nail files to compact mirrors. You're not just offering a personal grooming aid which has value and meaning, it's a gift from your organisation to an individual which forms bonds and ties you all together. For more details on the great personal beauty product range on offer call Fresh Promotions and speak with one of our beauty items experts about the best way to attract the attention of your client base.

    How Promotional Beauty Can Build Your Brand Awareness

    Every woman holds in her possession a plethora of different beauty products, and some types of products are just as popular with the male crowd as well. When looking for a branded item which recipients will often use, beauty products may be just that key promotional piece to help to get a particular brand not only noticed but genuinely remembered.

    Those in the fashion industry, those who sell personal goods, salons, spas, and cosmetic brands can all use beauty products effectively to market their brand to their consumers, and these items will often travel along with their recipients in a handbag, pocket, or backpack as they go about their daily routines. When a person takes their product out to use it while on the go, the branding placed on the item will then become visible and memorable to those surrounding them as well, providing even further much desired exposure for any given brand. In terms of price, promotional beauty products can range from the inexpensive to the executive worthy, and this gives a brand the choice of just how they wish to represent themselves to the public. Inexpensive, yet useful, beauty products are available to allow brand to distribute to a wide audience, as well as flashier beauty products that may be used to impress a big client or business partner.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding

    Massagers, make up kits, compact mirrors, nail files, manicure sets, and combs are just some of the promotional beauty products that a brand has to choose from, and each type will have their own manufacturing materials, branding areas, and specific variations. These products may be made with metal, wood, glass, plastic, or silicone to provide a multitude of different options in terms of look, price, and accurate representation for a particular brand.

    Screen printing, pad printing, and laser engraving are three of the most popular branding options when it comes to these types of products, and the materials used to manufacture the product will determine which branding option will work best. Pad and screen printing are used to place a design onto the beauty product of a brand’s choosing, while laser engraving is used to etch a design into the material. Laser engraving is a branding option typically reserved for products made from metal or wood. Metal compacts, brush sets, or manicure kits will typically be the longest lasting products, as this material gives a product a way to last for a prolonged period of time, making these excellent executive gift options.

    Promotional Case Study

    A spa ran a promotion gifting a branded manicure kit to each customer who came in to get one of their fall Pumpkin Pie Manicures. Customers were so exceptionally pleased with their kits that they began referring others to come into the salon thereby drawing more customers to this manicure than the salon owners had ever seen before. After the conclusion of the promotion, the salon began selling the branded manicure kits on their selves with a great deal of success.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Smaller and less fragile items, such as nail files, are able to be shipped affordably and without worry across Australia. For more fragile items, like compact mirrors, hand distribution may be necessary to ensure the products remain unbroken.

    Beauty Products
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