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Baron Bic popularised the ballpoint pen so it's no surprise Bic pens are still a byword for quality in writing instruments. With an extensive range from executive gift models through to cheap stick style pens, the whole Bic range has one thing in common; they're great to write with. combining a wide range of mix and match colour schemes, high quality printing on Bic's own machines and the famous Bic smooth writing ballpoint refill, everybody loves these pens. Your company can take advantage of over 70 years of ballpoint pens research and development by putting your logo on promotional Bic pens. While some Bic models are more expensive than generic styles, the longer life and evident superior quality makes the small difference in budget irrelevant in time. Your clients will be grateful and notice the difference and your company's reputation is better linked to a respected brand than a pen bought on price alone

    Using Bic Promotional Pens in Marketing & Promotions

    Bic pens are an affordable classic, and these are some of the most commonly used pens in offices, homes, and classrooms throughout Australia and across the globe. By placing a brand logo or company name onto a Bic pen, a brand can know that they are using a promotional item sure to be well used by any recipient who should receive one. A Bic pen can come in a variety of styles, and this gives a brand a way to focus their branding on different elements or audiences using a single item. These pens can be designed for comfort, a traditional appeal, executive purposes, or affordability, so brands of all kinds and sizes can effectively use these pens for any type of marketing.

    While a promotional Bic pen can be appreciated and used appropriately for marketing any brand of any industry, some industries may benefit the best from using these items in a promotional setting. Those in education, office supply sellers, and publishing companies can use these pens to not only market their brand, but remind consumers and clients alike of just what they do best. Because Bic pens are so affordable, these items may be given as single items or as part of a larger gift package.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Bic pens can be made from plastic, carbon fibre, or aluminium, with the aluminium and carbon fibre versions making the best corporate gifts. These pens may also be adorned with rubber grips to help the writing process to be a bit more comfortable, and this feature is available on both executive and affordable pen types. The pen’s point will be controlled by either a click or twist mechanism that keeps the point safe and clean while not in use. For pens without a click or twist mechanism, a cap may be provided to ensure the pen is always kept safely.

    Pad printing is the most common print method used to place branding on Bic pens, and this allows brand to use colour in order to make their design more noticeable. Pad printing applies a desired logo or message onto the pen in a full range of colours which a company may choose from. The barrel of the pen is the region that will act as a print area, and this is to allow the branding to stand out on the pen whether the pen is being used or displayed on a desk.

    Bic Promotional Case Study

    A bank offered Bic pens to new customers signing up for one of their free checking accounts. These pens were made from carbon fibre and featured a comfortable rubber grip near the tip of the product to allow them to be used comfortably. Customers could often be seen in the bank or around the area using their pens regularly, exposing the brand to many potential new customers.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Bic pens can be shipped across Australia or around the globe affordably due to their small size, or they can be physically carried easily if hand distribution is to be preferred.

    Bic Pens
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