Promotional Binoculars Custom Printed


Bring things into clear focus using promotional binoculars. If your company is sponsoring a sports team or an outdoor event handing out binoculars is a way to make sure everybody gets a good view of proceedings. with the modern focus on outdoor and wilderness activity, custom binoculars are a way to provide a lasting gift with genuine utility which has across the board appeal. From high magnification field glasses with a wide angle view through to folding pocket styles which would be suitable for the theatre or opera, there's a binocular style which fits every budget and provides enhanced viewing pleasure. If you have any questions about branding and availability

    Using Binoculars in Marketing & Promotions

    Guide to Using Binoculars In Promotional Activity

    Binoculars may be used by sports fans, outdoor enthusiasts, or those who simply want to get a closer look at the world around them, and these products are excellent pieces to adorn with branding. When a company brands a pair of binoculars, they can place their name or logo on an item which will often travel vast distances, allowing them to expose their brand to audiences both far and wide.

    A branded pair of binoculars can be appreciated by brands in a myriad of different industries, and these can range from those in sports to those in outdoors or camping goods. Sports fans will often use binoculars to better see the action on the field, and when branding is placed on these items, others can know just what team a recipient roots for each time they take out their binoculars for use.

    For outdoors enthusiasts, binoculars can be used to watch the skies, the ground, or the water, and these handy tools can help them to better see their surroundings in a way that allows them to appreciate nature and all of its creatures. As a recipient takes their binoculars with them on different adventures, the branding on the pieces will be able to be seen easily as the items travel.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Binoculars can be manufactured using plastic or metal materials, and the lenses are made from a sturdy magnifying glass to allow them to work efficiently in seeing vast distances. They eye pieces and hand grip areas on binoculars may be made from rubber to offer optimal comfort, but specific styles may vary. A woven nylon cord will hang from many styles of binoculars to allow the products to hang from a person’s neck or wrist while not in use, and other features such as radios or lights may be available in the many varieties able to be branded as well.

    The print area on binoculars is typically located on the tops of the products, and this allows the branding to remain at centre stage whether the products are resting or in use. Pad printing is available on all styles of branded binoculars, and this method places the single colour print of a brand logo or design onto the surfaces of the products themselves. For metal binoculars or executive binocular options, laser engraving may create the branding on the pieces, and this method uses laser technology to etch brand messages or logos into the surface of the metal.

    Promotional Case Study

    A company hosting their yearly summer picnic at a beach gifted employees branded pairs of binoculars to allow them to look out onto the water or take home with them to use at their leisure. Many recipients began using their binoculars right away, and these proved to be highly appreciated items by the end of the picnic as employees grew excited over the birds and wildlife they were able to observe.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Some lighter weight varieties of binoculars are affordable to ship and easy to package, but heavier varieties may prove unaffordable. For a guaranteed impact, hand distribution is recommended.

    Minimal Price: $2.55